Wakanda is Africa. Or is Wakanda a national comic relief?

A friend of mine said; "I'm just so worried that we; blacks make success and good luck seem like a big deal that we don't deserve." I honestly wish I can say otherwise. The power given to the media is alarming; definitely more than what should be given to any single entity.


Africa: What a continent! Sadly, we have settled for celebrating seemingly little things like having the first 'all' black cast Marvel film which wasn't shot anywhere near Africa by the way (but that's drifting away from the point), having a first black this and that in a black country. The director is a smart ass and I love that. In an attempt to show that equality is encouraged; although we know our reality, or better still pat the movie's politics, the best warrior in Wakanda is a female, the chief scientist too. In fact, they are surrounded by a phalanx of female warriors.


Wakanda is a confused nation though; maybe not confused, but they sure were confusing. I mean, who choses bows, arrows and spears above all the amazing and tremendous technology they supposedly have?

In all this 'Wakanda' excitement, the elusive message probably not intended is forgotten. The enemy of Wakanda isn't the White man; the enemy was Wakanda's very own, staying true to the Yoruba proverb that says "Kokoro tin je fo ara efo lowa"- translated to mean 'you are your very own enemy'. There was so many subtle messages: "Stand up you are King", "Death is better than bondage", “Surround yourself with people you trust.”

You are your own worst enemy.

Africans; Nigerians act like we are supposed to sweat blood to get approval which is saddening. And when we get things supposedly sweat free (over 90% black cast for a 'white' movie), we infuse all the drama and hype; both necessary and unnecessary: Acting like we need some sort of validation over and over again for our countries, continent to appear on the map.

It's almost like we fear that if we close our eyes for a moment, all blacks would disappear from the earth's surface. We go all in to impress, looking for a way to keep the media glued on us: thinking that with each opportunities, each step, each move; maybe we'll be noticed, maybe we will be liked, maybe we can wash off this 'tint', which we keep aiding and nursing.

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Let's take a moment for Wakanda's vibranium which probably has the most powerful message; the most important, and powerful- Africa, African-American (Blacks in general) have ton loads of gems waiting to be revealed. A message to the world that Africans and the African culture has been undervalued for far too long, and the loss isn't ours, but the worlds'.

To yourself be true.

Although in Wakanda, your skin colour is not a deterrent, but can we be true to ourselves? Wakanda is of the representation that nations have the freedom of choices. Wakanda represents a past that wasn't and a future that should very well be now; giving hope to us all.

Have you tried searching for 'Wakanda' or 'BlackPanther' on any social media platforms? You'd be surprised at the number of people who suddenly 'bear' those names or have it attached to their previous handles. It's sad that we have now made fantasy our reality. Africa is great. Africa is powerful and NO; we don't need a movie, even a block buster like black panther to validate how powerful we are.

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In Cory Booker words: "We have a choice every day of our lives: Accept things as they are or take responsibility for changing them." I'm Nigerian. I'm African. I'm Proud. Maybe Wakandan, but can we truly make it forever?

Wakanda; Not Forever.

Oh wait! Snakes and Monkeys; in fact, the whole animal kingdom seem to be on rampage in Nigeria: Wakanda Forever.

Written by Christiana Osun.

Christiana is a writer dedicated to voicing out thoughts we'd rather not complete: Presenting our realities and sharing relatable experiences and thought provoking subjects. She's sarcastic, fun loving, and an enigma of possibilities.

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