UK and Nigerian Afrobeats artist

He describes the opposition he faced in the UK, not given a chance and looked down upon by industry gatekeepers over there, but remained resilient and unfazed.

On his EP “Ireti”, he explains “Ireti is simply about hope, it’s very special to me as it talks about my journey, where I ‘m trying to go, my mother, my son, my community and what I wanna be in life.”

On parents being supportive, he says they’ve been very supportive and particularly makes mention of his grandmother, telling Pulse that he actually seeks his grandmom’s thoughts on any song he is about to release.

“She just loves my music and is grateful to be alive to see her grandson doing something positive, and those are like moments I cannot forget so I’m grateful for that,” the singer says.

Speaking of future projects, he reveals plans are underway with his producer Bayo Music to collaborate with other Nigerian artists.