When youth development through sports in Nigeria comes up in conversation, it is impossible for MILO not to be mentioned. Over the past 20 years, MILO has created a platform for youth in Nigeria to show their basketball and leadership skills with the annual MILO Secondary School Basketball Championship.

Through the years MILO has had only one goal, to change the lives of young players for the better by instilling the core values of leadership, discipline, determination, and teamwork in them. Thus, preparing each and every young player for success on and off the court.

The tournament consists of four large conferences. Each conference encompasses states within a certain region and consists of both male and female teams. The teams compete for the top spot within their conference in order to be guaranteed a position in the National Finals, where all conference winners face-off to become the MILO Secondary School Basketball Tournament Champion.

Each conference brings with it a unique flare. Be it outstanding leadership displayed at the Atlantic Conference in Benin, extreme levels of discipline shown at the Central Conference in Abuja, pure determination showcased at the Emirates Conference in Ilorin, or fluent teamwork presented at the Western Conference in Ibadan, each will showcase a variety of performances. It is expected however, that the best performance of all of the above will take place on the 10th of May at the National Finals held in Lagos.

There can be no excuses given to miss out on any of the key matches. MILO is giving spectators and fans, at home and on the go, the ability to remotely watch key matches live on the official MILO Facebook page - facebook.com/officialmilonigeria/

The tournament runs from the 10th of March to the 10th of May. Online or in person, support our young champions at the 20th MILO Basketball Championship!

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