Most brands, businesses and companies would refer you to their websites to have a look in order to win over potential customers. This is because a good website can tell people more about your business than you'll ever do.

For a business advertising its product, a website is like a shop on its own where your wares or services are displayed over the Internet. It is a shop where full control is given to brands.

This principles of web development and design applies to more than just the creation and maintenance of websites, it can be used for different digital assets ranging from social media profiles to mobile platforms.

There are three important processes that should be thoroughly considered when creating a website:

  • Planning and design - These simply create the appearance
  • Layout and style - The aspect which users see and love or hate
  • Development - This brings the design and planning to life as a functioning web tool. 

What is web design and development?

Web design is the process by which all the things you can see on a website are created. These majorly include images, color scheme, logos, layout and various design elements such as buttons and links. These make up the visual aspect of the interface.

The web appeals to your sense of sight which is why any successful web platform mustn't only be effective but engaging as well. While trying to create a website that is pleasing to the eye, technical aspects should also be considered including human factors associated with web designing. It isn't about just creating a beautiful website; excellent user experience should be provided while meeting a brand's core business objectives.

A fully functioning and interactive website isn't only about a complete web design; it is as a result of designs being transformed by a web developer. In essence, web development makes static designs come alive and give users the ability to access these finished websites through their web browsers.

Development is done when designs are translated into web coding languages that can be interpreted and displayed by web browsers. Coding on its own requires the help of a techie with many years of practice.

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Article written by Oge Okonkwo

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