An insane woman has been arrested after she slit the throats of her two-year-old daughter and six-month-old twins to stop them from crying.

29-year-old Christina Booth said she slashed the throats of her three children so they would stop crying and disturbing her husband.

According to , Christina had put her children to bed but all three began to cry at her home in Olympia, Washington.

Christina Booth, who is said to be suffering from postpartum depression, told police that she went downstairs and grabbed a kitchen knife before slashing their throats.

The Children however didn't die as a 911 call from their father Thomas Booth saved them.

Booth was said to have gone upstairs where he found his wife in her underwear and the children gushing blood.

He quickly called 911 after wrapping the children’s wounds to stop the bleeding.

She said she took the action because her husband, Thomas Booth, who is an Army Staff Sergeant, got “very annoyed when the children cry and if she killed the children the house would be quiet for Thomas.”

According to detective’s statement Christina vomited and broke down crying several times during interrogation and yelled about Thomas never helping with the kids.

“They will be quiet now,” Christina yelled several times according to detective’s statement.

A judge set bail at $3m for her three counts of attempted murder.

The children were reportedly stable on Sunday following surgery and have been placed in custody of state Child Protective Services.