Our relationships are vital to our emotional stability. Hence the need to understand how to handle the special people in our lives.

Here is what horoscope.com has to say about your love life today.

Aries: Your sense of humor comes to the fore, with today's position of the planets. Love is very much associated with whether you and another can laugh at the same things and appreciate the same kind of jokes. Although you tend to be very much aware of physical appeal, in this instance you may find that even though this particular person doesn't conform to your idea of good looks, they are beautiful within.

Taurus: The current astral configuration could be helpful today on your first date. There is every chance that you will discover you have a real rapport between you, and that this goes much further than surface issues. You will be happy and relaxed in each other's company, and realize that you have found someone you can trust at the deepest level. This is likely to grow into something special.

Gemini: You generally don't need anyone to boost your confidence, as you seem to have a natural fountain of it bubbling continuously from within. Today's position of the planets may give you the opportunity to share this with someone special who may have needed their own confidence boosting. You will be a source of warmth and support that they will very much appreciate, and will also never forget.

Cancer: The position of the planets today means it is time to shake off your workday image, unleash your wonderful personality from its social restraints, and just go and enjoy yourself. If you have a party or a date, then it will really act as a tonic to your spirits and revitalize you in many ways. There is a chance that someone could be attracted by your droll sense of humor.

Leo: If you have been suffering from a degree of tension due to apparent hitches in your love life, then you will find that the current astral configuration helps you to relax and get a real sense of perspective on what has been happening. It will do you the world of good to get out and just have some fun. You will feel refreshed and restored.

Virgo: The current astral configuration encourages you to hold an impromptu party, and to invite along those who are great fun to be with. This is a day to relax and to laugh away your troubles. Create a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and caring, with delicious food, and plenty of it. Someone special will certainly appreciate your efforts and will not be shy in letting you know.

Libra: If you have a vision concerning a current relationship, this is a time to confirm this. Today's celestial atmosphere means that while it is not always possible to be with the right person immediately, continuing to entertain the possibility may help. This will not only keep up your spirits, but will also bring about the changes you desire. You will get there in the end.

Scorpio: The celestial atmosphere today encourages you to make a fresh start. Although these words may be enough to strike terror into your heart, don't let them, as this could be the most positive thing that you have allowed yourself to do for some time. In the depths of your being you know that this is what you really want, so get ready to do it.

Sagittarius: If someone you care about seems to come across very intensely today, then it may be due to the celestial atmosphere today. Your partner (current or prospective) is concerned about getting a certain issue sorted out, and will not listen to any excuses. You may not be able to get out of playing your part, either. Although this may make you feel despondent, you will soon be smiling - don't worry.

Capricorn: The present planetary alignment could leave you feeling as though something quite major is about to happen. Yet it only will do so if you make the effort. You know that there is an issue that now needs to be sorted out as far as your love life is concerned, in order for you to be able to move on and move into new relationships. Don't avoid discussing what you feel with the person closest to you. Get to it!

Aquarius: Your future could be powerfully rearranged by certain events. The present planetary alignment indicates that a love affair has a profound impact on your future plans and goals. You may have decided to go one way, yet find that what has recently transpired causes you to reconsider the whole structure and fabric of your life. Before rushing into a decision, make sure you think it through.

Pisces: The current astral configuration will certainly make you smile. Your partner (current or prospective) may be forgiven for wondering if you have won some kind of lottery, as you seem to be so full of the joy of life. Make the most of this opportunity to go on an outing together, or perhaps to meet up with friends for lunch, or to enjoy a show or a movie.