At the Lagos stop of Mr Eazi's "Detty World tour," Lil Kesh was a major side attraction.

The singer, clad in a white oversized shirt, and white pants hit the stage to perform 'Sample you' at the New Afrika Shrine. The reception was rapturous. Fans screamed their hearts out, danced along, sang along, and matched his every move with an equal and similar reaction.

Eazi left the stage for him to perform, and he took fans down his long list of hit songs. It's easy to forget that Lil Kesh has had numerous hit records. His split from YBNL took away some of his momentum, but he is working on gaining that back. That's why many were surprised that he could pull out 'Cause trouble', 'ibile', 'Is it because I love you', 'Ishe', 'Fake love', 'Shele gan gan', 'Efejoku', 'Semilore' and more during his brief set.

But it was enough. Fans were delirious by the time he was forced off stage, and he waved at everyone before hugging Mr Eazi, and relinquishing the spotlight. It was a job well done, from him. And right in front of the stage, I saw his face light up each time the crowd egged him on. He was in his element. His spirit came alive. And he was at peace with himself and the world.

Music is his validation in life. His passion, which has blessed him at such a young age.

That's why he cannot quit music.

Prior to the concert. A video had circulated via the internet. In that clip, Lil Kesh made a special announcement which read: "I quit music. I am now a businessman."

Just that line. No explanation was offered. Nothing else was revealed to shed light on the declaration. Just a simple line which could be interpreted in any way.

The easiest way to analyse this would be to fall for his trap. Lil Kesh wants you, the music enthusiast to believe that he quit music. If you ever for once considered it, then he has won. He has fooled you. He has you by the balls.

What Lil kesh means is simple. He has gotten to the stage in his career where he has begun to treat the music solely as a business. The young man has a record label to run - YAGI Records - and a crucial part of running a business is to shed the ideals of music making and find ways to generate financial value for your company.

The inner workings of YAGI has not been revealed, but as a business it has not really been a bulldozer in its space. YAGI Records so far has been a one-man show, which caters to Lil Kesh and his career.

"I'm now a businessman." Lil Kesh said.

Perhaps it's time for a retooling of the company and its resources to achieve something bigger than Lil Kesh? Maybe there's a radical change coming in the manner in which he conducts his affairs. Or, he is taking another role which would see him apply himself as a businessman first, before a musician.

But either way, Lil Kesh isn't dropping the mic. His career is still in its infancy. Only one album has passed through his artistry, and there's still a lot of potential in him. Music has been Kesh's only survival tactic. It has lifted him from poverty, given him a new life of fame, money, influence, and fulfilment. He is blessed man who wouldn't want to let that go. Music is Lil Kesh. Take that away from him and he loses everything.

That's why you should never believe him when he says "I quit music."

That, my friend, is fake news. Repeat after me, raise two fingers in the air and scream: "Fake news!"