• Reality Steve just revealed that he thinks Madison Prewett wins Peter Weber's Bachelor season.
  • He's not 100-percent sure, but feels pretty confident that Peter tried to make a relationship with Madi work post-show.
  • Steve says they're either working on a relationship or are happy and together now.

Peter Webers season of The Bachelor has been unique for so many reasons (the scar! the exes! the conspiracy theories!), but the biggest thing that's set it apart from previous seasons has been the fact that there have been zero spoilers for who wins this until now.

While Bachelor spoilers blogger Reality Steve says hes not 100-percent sure exactly how the Bachelor finale goes down, he feels pretty confident sharing what he now thinks based on a bunch of information hes received over the past several months. Ready for this? (SAME. Sammmeeee!!!!)

In a new blog post , Reality Steve says that the show didnt have a "normal ending" and there wasnt an engagement on the final rose ceremony day. However, he says Madison Prewett did meet Peters parents in the final week of filming. "Madison didnt leave before meeting them, so now we know its sometime after that. Im pretty sure its on final rose ceremony day when she leaves," Reality Steve wrote.

Reality Steve still doesn't know who Peter's mom is crying about in that iconic scene.

Steve also pointed out that last week, The Sun released pictures that showed Peter on his date during the final rose ceremony week with Madison. "This looks to be the day portion of the date before Madison meets his parents. Why? Because Peter is wearing the exact same shirt in this picture as he is in the clip when Barb is making her proclamation," Reality Steve wrote. "So the timing of her talking about Madison as the girl to 'dont let her go, bring her home to us,' is a question mark still. If we assume she says it on the same date as Peter and Madison meeting them, how does that fit in? Im not sure. Could be Madison. Could be Hannah Ann [Sluss]. We dont know for sure."

But he feels confident that Madison won Peter Weber's Bachelor season.

Yep, you read that right. Reality Steve has spoken, and, while he doesn't have total certainty, he has good reason to believe Madi has won Pilot Pete's heart.

"After everything Ive heard all season, I think what happens is at the end of all of this, Peter is trying to be with Madison and its all happened post show ," Reality Steve wrote. " Hes with her, theyre either working on a relationship, or they are happy and together now. However, if you told me he was single, I cant say Id be surprised either. One thing Im almost certain of is that post-show, Peter absolutely spoke with Madison to try and make it work between them. But honestly, I dont know if it did and I dont think any of us will until the ATFR."

So a lot is still up in the air, but Reality Steve is pretty sure that Peter didn't choose his other final woman, Hannah Ann Sluss (despite what some fans may think after a certain Instagram comment ).

And even if Peter originally chose Hannah Ann, Reality Steve says they're no longer together.

"We know Madison leaves. Meaning Hannah Ann is the only one left on final rose ceremony. Seemingly if he wanted her, he wouldve chosen her, had less work to do that day by dumping Madison, and they wouldve left Australia as a couple," Reality Steve wrote. "I dont think he chose her, but again, I cant say for sure if he did or didnt. Just know that if he did, they are no longer together today. Peter and Hannah Ann I feel very confident in saying are not a thing right now and wont be come finale time. But I really dont know if he chose her on final rose ceremony day and called it off shortly thereafter. I dont think he did, but without knowing for sure, I cant say it with certainty."

For what it's worth, Reality Steve's prediction does match up with a recent Reddit spoiler post that claims Madi won .

Still, long story long, even Reality Steve doesn't have all the answers. Or at least, not yet.