• Temptation Island is filmed in Maui, Hawaii.
  • The reality TV dating show mainly takes place in two villasone for the girlfriends and single men, and another for the boyfriends and single women.
  • Both mansions feature big pools, open floor plans, and tons of luxe furniture.

Move over Bachelor in Paradise , there's a (semi) new reality TV dating show in : Temptation Island. Though only in its second season, the USA Network show promises to deliver major drama as four couples are continuously tempted by 24 singles, putting each relationship to the ultimate test.

Hosted by Mark L. Walberg (not Mark Wahlberg, sorry), the couples will either get engaged or break up by the end of the season. Like Bachelor in Paradise and Love Island, all of the contestants are housed in lavish mansions with pools, terraces, and palm-tree galore. Sounds like some sweet digs, but where exactly are these not-so-humble abodes?

Turns out, Temptation Island is filmed in Maui, Hawaii.

Suddenly, the idea of potentially blowing up your or another person's relationship doesn't sound so crazy, right? Jk jk, but you gotta admit that Hawaii wouldn't be the worst place to get dumped. (FYI: Bachelor in Paradise is filmed in Playa Escondida resort in Sayulita, Mexico, which, as contestant Tahzjuan repeatedly informed viewers, was so, so hot. I'd opt for Hawaii, TYVM.)

Of course, even though contestants get to spend several weeks living in the lap of luxury, there's bound to be some animosity between the Couples and the Singles keeping close quarters. After all, the whole point of the show is for a Single to swoop in and get between a Couple. So...that's a little awkward.

And the show spared no expense on the two mansions.

The house where the four girlfriends live with 12 single men has a giant open living room with large pink couches, leafy, tropical plants, and a full kitchen with two stoves, so the contestants can cook for each other (romantic candlelit dinner, anyone?).

There's also an indoor/outdoor dining room patio and an infinity pool looking out over the Pacific Ocean that spans the length of the entire villa. Not to mention there are plenty of places to talk, watch the sunset, or, ya know, hook up.

Take the full tour of the girls' Temptation Island villa:

Meanwhile, the house where the four boyfriends live with 12 single women features a granite kitchen, blue suede couches, tropical plants, and wicker furniture everywhere. Of course, no bachelor pad would be complete without four suites with four-poster beds. Outside, there are lush, green grounds, and a big swimming pool.

Take the full tour of the guys' Temptation Island villa:

Temptation Island premieres on Thursday, October 10 at 10/9c on USA Network. Come for the relationship dramz, stay for the HGTV-worthy home decor.