Richard Hatch ('Survivor: Borneo') Ruthless Hatch couldnt have made a bigger statement for season onehey, he walked around camp naked! And he was also a bit wild post-Survivor, too. In 2005, he was accused of tax evasion, since he had never paid the taxes on his $1 million prize. Uh-oh. He spent 2006 to 2009 in jail, then never paid again, and went back. Getty Images

Tina Wesson ('Survivor: The Australian Outback') Wesson won the second season and then competed two more times, including once with her daughter. Today? Shes having fun and living life! "Survivor to me was just another experience, but it was an experience that allowed me to go do a lot of other fun things that I would have never got to do," she said to WVLT News in 2018 . "My life is basically what you see...I live here in the woods. I bike, swim, kayak, motorcycle, anything I want to do, just take your pick. And then I play, and travel." Getty Images

Ethan Zohn ('Survivor: Africa') Zohn unfortunately was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2009, but he was pronounced cancer-free in 2009. For a bit after the season ended, Zohn dated another Survivor winner, Jenna Morasca, but they broke up in 2012. He married Lisa Heyword in 2016. "This is the reason I survived cancer twice... to meet Lisa and start a beautiful and healthy new life together, he said . Getty Images

Vecepia Towery ('Survivor: Marquesas') As for Towery, she went back to her life at home with her husband, and she didnt let the prize or win go to her head. "Survivor changed my life very little," she said during the TV Guide Network Survivor Winners special. "I say that because my husband I both chose to not allow it to change our lives. I still shop at Walmart." Getty Images

Brian Heidik ('Survivor: Thailand') Beating Clay Jordan in a 4-3 vote, Heidik wasnt a fan favorite, being one of the least likable winners on Survivor. And he spent all his money on sports cars basicallynot so smart. He also faced an arrest in 2006 when he ex-wife Charmaine Costigan claimed he tried to shoot a puppy with a bow and arrow. So, theres that! Kevin Winter - Getty Images

Jenna Morasca ('Survivor: Amazon') The youngest player to ever win (she was only 21), she is remembered for getting naked for some peanut butter and for dating fellow winner Ethan Zohn for a bit post-season. Jenna ended up hosting some shows for TV Guide Network. She and Ethan competed on The Amazing Race and starred on their own show, Everyday Health. In 2018, she got a DUI arrest for biting a cop (whoops) , but now she says shes doing great! CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Sandra Diaz-Twine ('Survivor: Pearl Islands' and 'Heroes vs. Villains') An all-star, she won twiceseason 7 and 20. AMAZING. She competed on Game Changers, but was voted off, sadly. Shes a legend though and lives a normal life at home with her kids and dogs. She's also on the current season, acting as a mentor for the contestants on Island of the Idols. (Which I am watching and am obsessed with, FYI.) CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Amber Brkich ('Survivor: All-Stars') Talk about a love story: Brkich beat her future hubby, "Boston Rob" Mariano, in a 4-3 vote. The couple is known for their crazy proposal at the live finale , which, lets just say a few members were probably not too thrilled about. They got married in 2005, went on to do some reality TV, had four baby girls, and are doing well today. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Chris Daugherty ('Survivor: Vanuatu') After winning, he went on to build a home, buy a Harley (a treat well deserved!), and then resumed normal life. "Everyone said my life would change, but life returned to normal," he told People . "I work as a project inspector for the Department of Transportation. I have the same friends, live in the same town and am really happy with where I am." CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Tom Westman ('Survivor: Palau') A legend with one of the most impressive games ever, he won five immunity idols and was known as one of Jeff Probsts favorite winners of all time . Now thats a huge accomplishment! After retiring as a firefighter, he went on to sell life and disability insurance in New York City. He also appeared on Heroes vs. Villains as a hero, but was the fifth person voted out. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Danni Boatwright ('Survivor: Guatemala') The former Miss Kentucky USA married NFL alum Casey Wiegmann and they now live in Kansas City with their two baseball-playing sons. "I'm a country girl so I had to be close to the sticks. I literally travel every weekend for competitive baseball," she said . She also has a clothing line, Sideline Chic, and wrote a childrens book. So, shes making things happen! CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Aras Baskauskas ('Survivor: Panama') The yogi amped up his music career after his big win, working with singer-songwriter Damien Rice and creating music under the name Odd Us. He also opened a yoga studio in Cape Town, South Africa, and married model Christy Petersen. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Yul Kwon ('Survivor: Cook Islands') One of the nicest and most admired winners ever, Kwon became a TV host and lecturer for the FBI. He found his new favorite dessertfrozen yogurtand opened up a few Red Mango locations in San Francisco. He also married a woman with a Survivor connection! "I also met my future wife, Sophie, through my tribemate, Brad Virata," he told EW . CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Earl Cole ('Survivor: Fiji') The first-ever unanimous winner, getting all votes from the jury, Cole made quite the statement in season 14. He ended up spending his dough on travel , and he even went back to Fiji (but this time in a nice resort). He also created the Earl Cole Fund to support Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, which he had during childhood. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Todd Herzog ('Survivor: China') Herzog unfortunately struggled with alcohol abuse after winning his season, and discussed it as a guest on the Dr. Phil Show in 2013. But during his Reddit AMA in 2018 , he said he is now running a movie theater and is happy and sober. Frederick M. Brown - Getty Images

Parvati Shallow ('Survivor: Micronesia') A fan favorite, she created a Black Widow Brigade alliance to unite all the female castaways. She married Survivor: Samoa castaway John Fincher, and they welcomed their first child in July 2018. Shes now a yoga teacher and business coach, as seen on her Instagram . CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Bob Crowley ('Survivor: Gabon') The oldest person to win (he was 57!), he was also the most underestimated, but ended up getting tons of immunity wins and pulled through to the end. Now, hes retired from teaching and created Maine Forest Yurts , which provides people with an awesome camping experience in Maine. He also started Durham Warriors, a non-profit for military and disabled veterans. Frederick M. Brown - Getty Images

J.T. Thomas ('Survivor: Tocantins') Although he won season 18, he ended up making one of the WORST mistakes in the shows history during Heroes vs. Villains (whoops) and went on to compete in Game Changers, too. Today, he is married and working on his cattle ranch. He spent the money on his family and invested the rest. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Natalie White (Survivor: Samoa) As the "Southern Belle" of the season, Natalie ended up beating out finalist Russell Hantz, but unfortunately, her win may have been an accident, simply made from the jury's hatred of Hantz's ruthless gameplay. Probst was team Hantz. "This season was so lopsided in terms of one person (Russell) completely dominating the game that to not give him the money and the title is a bit silly, explained Probst . He continued, "If I were playing Survivor, no matter how much I despised someone, if they kicked my ass in the game I would give it to them. Period. Outwit. Outplay. Nobody outwitted or outplayed Russell. Not even close. Sorry, Natalie! CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Jud Fabio Birza ('Survivor: Nicaragua') A youngster, this 21-year-old surfer ended up taking home the grand prize. What did he do with the money? "I'm starting a production company. We're just gonna do 45-minute short films," Fabio said of his plans after the finale. "I'd like to do a little bit of stand-up, I think it'd be really fun. I've written like 60 poems. Some really cool stuff." I'm not sure if that happened, but he did get arrested for skateboarding under the influence. He did make bailthanks, Survivor money! CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Sophie Clarke ('Survivor: South Pacific') After winning her season, Clarke ended up graduating from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in 2017. She used the shows winnings to have the flexibility in picking her major and paying off debt early on. And it worked out well! Beyond that shes living a normal life, as seen on her Insta . CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Rob Mariano (Survivor: Redemption Island) "Boston Rob" is a total "idol" for the show, and he's currently on this season acting as a mentor the contestants to help them improve their game. He won four individual immunity idols during the show and played a killer game. "For my money, in 22 seasons, that's as close to a perfect game as anyone has played on Survivor," Jeff Probst during the live finale. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Kim Spradlin ('Survivor: One World') Spradlin actually ended up taking home $1.1 million after being named Player of the Season by fansso she did pretty well for herself! She put the money toward her business. "I definitely have some bills to pay, some small bridal shops I'm excited to put some money into. And spruce up a little bit. I'm going to have some fun with it," she told EW . Now she runs an interior design business. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Denise Stapley ('Survivor: Philippines') This winner was a loser for most of the show (sad), but ended up coming out victorious in the end! As for the money? She didnt know what to do at first, as she said to THR . And she ended up using that money towards a college fund for her kids and for her family. Shes still a sex therapist, too. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

John Cochran ('Survivor: Caramoan') Cochran competed during season 23 and lost, but came back for 26 and won. And he won more than moneyhe is one of Probsts favorite winners. He said to EW , "I'm going to pick Cochran, and the reason I'm picking Cochran is if I just look at the show from afar, Cochran fulfilled the poster, the premise, when we startedwhich was, on any given day anything can happen." He ended up graduating from Harvard Law (no biggie) and is now a TV writer for sitcoms like The Millers. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Tyson Apostol ('Survivor: Blood vs. Water') For his third season, Apostol nailed it and came out as both a winner and a boyfriend to fellow castaway Rachel Foulger. As for the money, he said to EW , "I will probably try to wisely invest it and make it last as long as possible so that I can kick back a little bit." The couple got married in February 2015. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Tony Vlachos ('Survivor: Cayagan') The New Jersey cop had a killer seasonhe happens to be one of my all-time favorite winnersbut he was voted out second (wise cast members over there) during Game Changers. He was the ultimate villain but also so impressive beyond words. He used his money for a college fund for his kids and got a pink chandelier for his wife. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Natalie Anderson ('Survivor: San Juan del Sur') Known for her fitness efforts from The Amazing Race, she ended up taking home the grand prize on Survivor. As for what shes doing now, shes still in fitness. "I'm not a big spender. When I went on The Amazing Race the first time, my goal was to go to physical therapy school, so this could pay for that. And we also have dreamed of opening up a CrossFit, so it's totally possible now," she told THR . CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Mike Holloway ('Survivor: Worlds Apart') Part of the blue collar tribe, he was a quick leader to rise to the top. But he was always in it for the legacy, not the cash. He did use the prize winnings to create a T-shirt company, Sweet Ts Designs. He wants a more low-key, relaxed lifestyle for his future. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Jeremy Collins ('Survivor: Cambodia') On a season of all returning players, Collins got a second chance to score the million for his wife and familyhe even dropped the news that his wife was pregnant right before the final votes. Did that help? Yes. But he played a killer game. It was unanimous, and now hes saving his dough for his kids and their future. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Michele Fitzgerald ('Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty') Part of the beauty tribe, she ended up showing brawn and brains to come out as the winner. She spent her money on her business and paid off some debt, but she did have her share of fun purchases and girls trips one being to wine country , which sounds amazing. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Adam Klein ('Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X') A millennial and an ultimate fan of the show, he donated the money to cancer research in honor of his mother, who was diagnosed with lung cancer. His win was incredibly emotional he was able to return home to her, but she passed away nine months later. As for today, Klein is partnered with various organizations to help others in need. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Sarah Lacina ('Survivor: Game Changers') This cop lost in Cagayan but made up for it with an amazing win for season 34. As for what shes doing now, shes just living her lifeno big impulsive buys or big ventures. "It's really boring. Just responsible things," she said to EW . "Someone asked me, 'Are you going to splurge on anything?' Honestly, no. I just want to be really smart with it." CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Ben Driebergen ('Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers') Unfortunately, Driebergen struggled with PTSD after winning the show, but he came out ready to live his normal life and to save his money for the future. He and his wife did pay off their debt and home , though. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Wendell Holland ('Survivor: Ghost Island') Wendell won in the shows first-ever tie against Domenick (they were best friends and allies in the game), and he spent his money on student loans and debt, along with investing and saving. "I'm going to be smart with my money," he told ET . "I'm probably just going to invest it or save it and let it work for me." CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Nick Wilson ('Survivor: David vs. Goliath') The lawyer from Kansas is still practicing, and he hasnt done too much with his money yet. "I did get a truck, and I'll pay that off," he told SheKnows . "Then I'll hopefully just chill for a little while until I can get a sense of what to do. I've never had this much money before, and I never dreamed I would." CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

Chris Underwood ('Survivor: Edge of Extinction') Underwood took a backseat stuck on Edge of Extinction for most of the season! He only played 13 days out of 39but those 13 were wild, and he ended up winning by beating out fellow castmate Rick Devens in a fire-building showdown. This was a HUGE shockDevens was truly brilliant the entire seasonbut Underwood did make somebig moves, like giving up immunity to face Devens for the ultimate challenge and coming out victorious. Now, hes married and is working on saving his money and enjoying kid-less married life for a bit. CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images