With the final season of The Good Place currently airing and kids (and, let's be real, adults) anxiously awaiting for the premiere of Frozen 2 this November, Kristen Bell is pretty much a household name at this point.

So, after starring in a global phenomenon and several hit TV series, what is Kristen Bells net worth?

Lets just say Kristen is definitely not in The Bad Place, financially speaking. estimates her net worth at a Elsa-level cool $20 million. But even with all that fame and fortune, Kristen manages to keep it real with a relatively frugal lifestyle that includes regularly lending her support to charities and nonprofits. (Just another reason to love her.)

Heres how the Golden Globe nominee makes her money:

Lets start with the lovable, talking, magical snowman in the room: Frozen .

Its probably safe to assume that the 2013 animated musical did better than anyone expected. The film racked in $1.3 billion at the box office and likely even more than that in merchandise sales, reported in 2015. Frozen 2 hits theaters November 22, but its already racked up millions of views on the trailer alone and rumors of a third box-office movie are swirling like a snowstorm in Arendelle.

Missed the Frozen 2 trailer? Chill (ha, get it?), you can peep it here:

Kristen and Dax are currently raising their two daughters in their $4.3 million home in Los Feliz.

According to the , the couple bought the 4,050-square-foot English Revivalstyle home in 2017. Designed by architect Arthur R. Kelly (whose other design credits include the Playboy Mansion), the house was built in 1922. Now, the grounds include gardens, a swimming pool, and a carriage house thats been converted to a garage. (Okay, so she's not exactly frugal there...)

With the launch of their new company, Kristen and Dax are #businessgoals on top of #couplegoals.

Don't mix business with pleasure? Puh-lease. The couple's parenting-products company, Hello Bello, hit the shelves of Walmart stores last February and promises "to take care of your kids from head-to-butt-to-toe," Kristen said in a announcing the line's launch.

From diapers and personal-care items to cleaning products and gummy vitamins, Hello Bello's products use plant-based ingredients and organic botanicals. The natural segment of the baby-care products industry is expected to grow the fastest7.8 percent by 2025according to market research firm . Oh baby, indeed.

ICYDK, this isnt Kristens first foray into business. The actress is also a cofounder of , a granola-bar company that donates a packet of food to a partner organization for every bar bought.

In between the business meetings and table reads, Kristen also makes time for giving back.

If helping create a company that has donated over 11 million(!!) life-saving food packets since its founding wasnt enough of a clue, Kristen takes doing her part to make the world a better place seriously.

For her 38th birthday in 2018, Kristen organized a fundraiser to pay for the bail bonds of an immigrant woman who had been separated from her family, according to . She also told magazine that she regularly works with local L.A. nonprofits that focus on supporting young mothers and families in low-income housing, in an effort to teach her daughters about the importance of giving back.

"I think everyone has a great internal kindness barometer, if you can awaken it," Kristen told Parents. "Ive had plenty of great examples of kindness in my life. The way I see it, we are all on Team Human, and I tell my kids that the world is just our extended family."

That's a whole different kind of valuable, if you ask me.