With their box office hits, entrepreneurial ventures and property value, the couples' combined net worth is close to $100 million. Meaning a new superlative is definitely in order. Here's exactly how Blake and Ryan have made their money.

Blake's net worth alone is an estimated 16 million.

Blake's career really took off after her role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She went on to film six seasons of Gossip Girl. According to the Daily Mail , Blake made $1.1 million for season three alone. This averages out to about $50,000 per episode.

In terms of films, Blakes most lucrative roles include The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The Town and Green Lantern. These films earned an estimated worldwide total of over $200 million, according to the Daily Mail.

She and Ryan own a $2 million country mansion in New York

According to People , Blake and Ryan purchased a country home in Bedford, NY for more than $2 million dollars in January 2012, just six months after they started dating. They must have known it would last because the couple got married that September.

Did you know Blake and Ryan actually met on a blind date?

Ryan made the Forbes 2017 list of highest paid actors

Ryan Reynolds was number 15 on the Forbes list of the world's highest paid actors. That year he starred in Marvel's Deadpool. The film grossed $783.1 million on a $58 million budget. Forbes estimates Ryan took home $21.5 million. The business magazine also estimated that Ryan would take home much more from the sequel.

His total net worth is an estimated $75 million.

Ryan has starred in several hit films including The Proposal, Definitely, Maybe and Just Friends. Of course, Marvel's Deadpool franchise has been one of his biggest paychecks. But Reynolds also has stake ownership in Aviation Gin.

After doing the math, the two lovebirds have a net worth of almost $100 million dollars. Cheers one of the cutest and most loaded couples in Hollywood.