Sound familiar? Well, before you resign yourself to getting seriously soaked (or worse, clocked in the head by a windswept contraption) consider the Sharpty Inverted Windproof Umbrellaan invention worthy of 2,553 positive Amazon reviews.

I repeat: inverted. windproof. umbrella.

Made of corrosion-resistant carbon fiber material, this upside-down device boasts an uncanny ability to withstand winds stronger than 60 mphall while you walk hands-free. Thanks to the ergonomic c-shaped handle, you can slip it over your forearm or wrist so you can comfortably hang on to those TJ's bags or bae's hand . Don't believe me? Take it from this passionate purchaser who's deemed the device as the "best umbrella ever!!!": "I like the shape of the handle, very easy to carry it on my wrist when my hands are full. And it does perform just as described in regard to keeping things dry."

On the topic of keeping things dry...the umbrella also stands out for its inverted design, which allows you to close from the inside out when opening the door or enter a lobby without dripping water everywhere.

"Seriously, best purchase ever. So convenient. I hate umbrellas because I get so freaking wet trying to close it while getting in the car and this is a game changer!" another buyer wrote.

Available for $22.99, this lightweight essential has a canopy large enough to keep both you and your BFF drya major win given the fact that your bud's umbrella will likely be swept away in seconds. Plus, it's reversible so that you get two colors or patterns for the price of one. When closed (and standing upright, btw) it looks like any ole vaguely patterned umbrella. But when opened, the inner liningwhich comes in a variety of patterns from flamingos to starry skyinstantly boosts your mood.

So, you won't just want to sing in the rain but dance too.