• Zoey Deutch is currently starring in The Politician and Zombieland: Double Tap.
  • The actress opened up to Cosmopolitan about experiencing anxiety her whole life.
  • Zoey calls anxiety her superpower but admits it can be debilitating at times.

Zoey Deutch has been acting since age 15, but 2019 is set to be her breakout year. She has roles in Netflix's The Politician and the long-awaited Zombieland: Double Tap.

Zoey may be on the brink of big time fame, but she's not shying away from being open and vulnerable. The actress opened up about experiencing anxiety throughout her life in Cosmopolitan 's November cover story. (Perhaps she's taking a cue from friend Camila Mendes, who's been open about her own mental health struggles .)

Zoey revealed her anxiety started when she was just a baby and has stuck with her to this day. I came into this world with anxiety, she told the publication. I used to hold my breath from anxiety when I was a baby and it would make me faint."

"There are times when its debilitating, and there are times when it makes me laugh, like in the car today when I lost the plot entirely," she told publication. The plot she's referring to was her grand interview prep plan: "Get your sh** together and look like a decent human being. Dont be late. Pee before. Get your hair done."

Zoey is quick to put a positive spin on her anxiety. "But I actually feel like my superpower is my anxiety," she told the publication. "Its one of my key motivators, and its at the center of my ambition.

Zoey grew up surrounded by Hollywood, as the daughter of Back to the Future actress Lea Thompson and Pretty in Pink director Howard Deutch. Zoey is simultaneously on the brink of real stardom as well as, she says, a quarter-life criss.

I think Im nearing itor in it, she told the publication. Theres nothing I can do. I just have to ride the wave. I fully have existential thoughts. What does it all mean? How are we here? What were we put on this earth to do? Then Im like, Zoey, just stop.