Meka and Michael Michael, 31, is focusing on getting his Masters in public service after he gave up on a life in politics, Us Weekly reported. His new wife, 25-year-old Meka, didn't have success on dating apps. Raised by a strong single mom, she says she used to struggled with self-esteem, but now knows her worth. DANIELDORSA

Brandon and Taylor Brandon, 34, is the survivor of not one, but two major injuriesthe first on a basketball court and the second in a car. Meanwhile, Taylor, 27, went through a bad breakup last year, but this hopeless romantic is still looking for love. DANIELDORSA

Zach and Mindy Zach, 32, is Southern gentleman who runs a lifestyle business that helps people transform physically and mentally. He lives by the motto Anything is possible. Mindy, 34, is an Air Force veteran and skating coach who experienced the tragedy of losing her little sister. Lifetime

Derek and Katie Derek, 26, is loves an adrenaline rush and has had no trouble finding dates (skydiving for two, perhaps?). Still, he craves a lasting connection with the right person. Katie, 25, is a mental health professional and hopes to work with the MAFS experts to learn how to drop her guard and open up with Derek. Married At First Sight season 10 premieres on Lifetime Wednesday, January 1, at 8 p.m. ET. Lifetime