• Lady Gaga just posted a new gorgeous no-makeup selfie on Instagram.
  • Her longtime makeup artist says she has the most incredible skin in the business.
  • Lady Gaga uses different Talika face masks for different skin concerns.

Lady Gaga has been living her best life in 2020. She has a rumored new boyfriend, Michael Polansky , she sat down with Oprah to discuss her mental health and wellness , and her makeup company Haus Laboratories continues its cult following. Pretty much, 2020 looks good on her.

And in her latest Instagram post, Lady Gaga's showing off her super glowy and healthy skin in a makeup-free snap . The star looks super relaxedif almost totally unrecognizablein the photo with her pastel pink hair tossed up in a topknot and maybe a hint of lipgloss. "Sushi!!!!! #2020," the "Shallow" singer captioned her post.

Demi Lovato commented, "Hot ," and of course her makeup company Haus Labs was here for it, writing, "".

When it comes to her skincare , Gaga doesn't mess around. Her longtime makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, told TODAY that the singer has "the most incredible skin in the business."

Tanno has revealed Gaga uses and lots (and lots) of Talika face masks. They have one for everything you need, she explained. I love to give the hydrating one to Gaga on a flight to keep the skin hydrated. The anti-aging one is great for makeup prep because it tightens the pores and leaves the skin really smooth for application. They have a purifying one I like after we do a show to help detox the skin after heavier looks and sweating on stage. Gaga is also a fan of Talikas Eye Therapy Patches to help relieve puffiness as well.

She also is super into facials. Gaga has a facialist, Joomee Song , an esthetician and owner of Faceworks Inc. , who told Refinery 29 that anytime the singer/actress was filming a close-up scene shed do a scrub with hyaluronic acid to help minimize redness. Instead of acids or granules, I use a piece of gauze as a physical exfoliant and hydrating emollient products to get her glow, she explained about the process. Your skin already has the ability to shed its dead skin cells and my goal is to support what your skin can do. So, I massage in a brightening serum and then literally scrape it off with the gauze."