As a mother of two herself, Kristin knows the parenting drill and serves as a sounding board for mother-to-be Kristy. Plus, it helps that Kristins journey to motherhood was a bit unconventional as well.

Heres what to know about Kristin Davis children and how she became a mom.

Kristin adopted her daughter, Gemma Rose, in 2011.

The former Sex and the City star became a mom by adopting domestically. I dont know why, and I dont know how, but it had seemed like an option for me for a very long time, she told Jada Pinkett Smith on an episode of Red Table Talk . The time was ticking, and I wasnt really thinking about it, I was working... At 38, which is a little late, I feel deeply that I need to be a mother.

Kristin Davis and daughter Gemma Rose
Kristin Davis and daughter Gemma Rose
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Kristin kept the adoption a secret while she was going through the process. Since I did this whole thing in secret, I didnt talk to anybody about the naming or the adopting at all, and I didnt realize the connection, she told Anderson Cooper in 2012, per Marie Claire . Then, we announced, and everybody was like, Oh, she named her after her Sex and the City baby. I didn't even consciously [realize it], not at all, not at all. I almost named her Rose as a first name because I kept thinking its such a beautiful name. Isnt it weird? I think it was lodged unconsciously.

Gemma takes up such a big, big part [of my life] in such a wonderful way, she told Haute Living . Like take going to work: it used to be really important to me, but now Im like, Okay, Ive got to go to work. All right. I used to be like, I want to go to work, I want to go to work!

Then, Kristin adopted a baby boy, Wilson, in 2018.

Seven years after adopting her daughter, Kristin adopted her now-toddler son, Wilson. The mom of two made her first public appearance in June 2018 with her youngest child at LAX airport, per Daily Mail.

She revealed on Live With Kelly and Ryan that Gemma really wanted a brother. Since becoming a family of three, Kristin added, Shes such a good big sister and she helps out, which is good.

Kristin is a single mom.

The star has never been married. Over the years, Kristin has reportedly dated Alec Baldwin, Homicide star Reed Diamond, Liev Schreiber, and Aaron Sorkin.

However, marriage is still a possibility for her. I certainly intellectually feel like Id like to have another romantic relationship, but I dont know how to make the day-to-day of it happen. I don't have time! she told Haute Living . It has to be someone so awesome that I would bring him in and potentially share time with Gemma.

Kristin went on to explain that previously in her life, stability wasnt that important to her in a relationship or a partner, but that all changed when she became a mom. Now, I have a baby, and I have to put her first and think about what she needs, she said. And stability is a huge, huge part of that.

Kristin makes sure her kids feel at home in the Black community.

She opened up about parenting her children on an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith's talk show, Red Table Talk, on Facebook Watch.

Because my children are African American, I feel like its my duty and my job to do as much research, as much work, build as many bridges as possible because you are their community, she told Jada and her mom, Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

I work at that every day trying to figure out how I can make sure they have access to the Black community, that theyre part of it, that theyre not separated from it, Kristin added.

And, of course, Kristin loves spending time with her kids.

Shes a homebody and is a fan of chilling out with her family. The greatest luxury is being home in the morning when my daughter wakes up and not have to go anywhere, she told Haute Living in 2013. My ultimate favorite day is not getting out of my pajamas. I have a beautiful home, a beautiful yard, and a lot of food. If Gemma and I could just be there, I could probably go a long time without leaving.

Alongside a rare photo of her children on Instagram, Kristin wrote, Nothing brings more joy than seeing the babes enjoy new things .

Kristin also has two fur-babies.

She has two dogs and shares adorable photos of her girls on the gram. In fact, she has a whole highlight dedicated to them.