The keto queen strikes again-this time shes divulging her entire keto daily menu. (Praise be.)

The 44-year-old pairs intermittent fasting with her keto lifestyle, which means after her coffee, she waits until 11 a.m. to eat her breakfast (FYI: Jenna typically fasts from 6 p.m. to 11 a.m.).

When Jenna finally breaks her fast, she goes for three already-prepared hardboiled eggs and a full avocado, cut up together and sprinkled with Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel seasoning.

That typically holds her over until lunch time. "At around 2 p.m. I start to feel hungry again so I cook a steak in a pan with avocado oil, serve it over arugula," she wrote. "Also remember, I eat kosher so I don't eat dairy and meat together, but you should feel welcome to!" So yeah, to reiterate: Jenna Jameson literally eats steak for lunch.

Jenna said she snacks on cottage cheese around 4 p.m., then begins dinner prep around 5 p.m.-usually salmon with lemon butter and dill. She pairs that with asparagus or broccoli, then starts her fast.

Honestly, Jenna's diet sounds damn decadent-and she agrees."I feel satisfied and full, with no need for snacks or candy," she said, adding that she definitely doesn't deprive herself because she's still nursing her daughter, Batelli. Basically, "If I feel hungry, I EAT!!!!" she wrote. (Jenna also still takes a prenatal vitamin, btw-again, because she's still breastfeeding.)

As far as keto shortcuts, Jenna's not necessarily about that life: "I find that staying away from keto breads and snacks helps me lose weight," she wrote, adding that she feels sticking to whole, organic foods is the way to go for the best weight-loss results.

But, while Jenna definitely does make weight loss seem simple, she made sure to remind her fans that it's anything but. "Remember my friend, losing weight isn't easy, it's a challenge," she wrote. "Push past your fear of failing and make the change!"