People are straight-up obsessed with what keto fan Jenna Jameson eats—I mean, she did lose 80 pounds since starting the keto diet in April, after all.

Luckily, she's definitely delivering with a series of posts on her new Instagram account @ketocantlose. In them, Jenna breaks down what she bought during a recent trip to Trader Joe’s, plus why she likes each item so much. It’s only been up for a few hours, and people are already losing it over her haul.

“They should rename this ‘Jenna’s spread dip’…Okay, maybe not,” she says. “This is the jam, guys. The jam. Buy it if you can find it.”

“I got this artichoke antipasto, which will be great on my eggs in the morning. You want to change it up, you know?” she says, before pointing out it that it only has one gram of carbs per serving.

3 Trader Giotto’s Bruschetta

“I got this bruschetta topping for eggs in the morning,” she says. “I’m telling you—it’s hard to eat eggs every morning. You’ve got to switch it up, you’ve got to put stuff on them to make it taste good.” The topping has three grams of carbs, which she says is “not bad.”

4 Trader Joe’s Enchilada Sauce

“I was thinking about making zucchini enchiladas, and I found this enchilada sauce,” Jenna says. “It’s only three grams of carbs, zero sugar so not bad. Should taste good!”

5 Trader Joe’s Prepared Horseradish

“Not a huge amount of people like it but I adore it,” she says. “It’s a great detoxifier for your body. So if you do like it, I recommend it.” Jenna also says that the horseradish is “so great paired with steak” or when you use it in a salad dressing.

6 Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese

“This is some of my favorite cheese,” she says. “I like to just melt it and eat it, so it’s a great snack.” However, Jenna says she’s off dairy for a few days.

7 Trader Joe’s Thai Lime and Chili Cashews

“I got these for a little snack,” she says. The nuts have five grams of carbs per serving which Jenna says “isn’t bad.” However, she adds, “when you get stuff like this, just don’t eat a huge amount. Just have a handful—boom, you’re done.”

8. Trader Joes Onion Salt and Cottage Cheese

A few other items Jenna likes to keep in the mix: onion salt, cottage cheese, olive oil, carrots for roasting, broccoli, and green onions.

Sign me up for...pretty much all of this.