Enter: the Dreamfarm Supoon, a part-spatula, part-spoon cooking utensil that ensures you get every last bit of deliciousness clinging to the sides and bottom of the nut butter jar . This super spoon has a flat squeegee tip and flexible sides that make scraping everything from a pan to a bowl (hey brownie batter!) as easy as 1, 2, 3. It also has a deep scooping head for simple, well, scooping to help you steer clear of any dripping liquids or concoctionssomething that is, believe it or not, super essential. I mean just think about all the times you've tried to transfer the cupcake mixture to the pan with only a spatula....

Oh! And on the topic of baking, the BPA-free silicone Supoon can also measure teaspoons and tablespoons, making it a master at not double but triple duty. (Refresher: it can scrape, spoon, and measure.)

The folks at Dreamfarm have really thought of everything. But why stop there? Cuh-learly they were on a mission to solve every one of your utensil troubles because they designed the Supoon in such a clever way that you'll never (I repeat: never) need a spoon rest again. Thanks to a bend in the handle, the spoon-slash-spatula is able to sit up off your counter to stay clean.

For any @nutella lovers out there, I can confirm the @dreamfarm supoon is a worthwhile purchase. It thoroughly cleans that jar #ilovechocolate #nutella #supoon #tasty #nowastehere A post shared by Lou (@lou_lou_bp) on Mar 9, 2018 at 10:18am PST

Available in just about every color of the rainbow, the Supoon costs less than $10a primo price for a tool that reviewers say is "worth every penny" and "a must-have in every kitchen."

BRB, adding the Supoon to my ever-growing list of "why the F did I not think of that?"right under the beach chair with a face hole .