• Dr. Pimple Popper's latest Instagram post is one clean pop.
  • In the video, Dr. P removes a pilar cyst from a patient's head.
  • With a little maneuvering, the entire cyst that's over an inch in diameter comes out completely intact.

There are times in every Popaholic's life when you're all about the messy, gooey pops that just seem to go everywhere. But then, there are also those times when you're looking for something a little cleaner, where everything just seems to pop into place. (Pun intended.)

Watching the latest Instagram video from Dr. Pimple Popper a.k.a. dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, MD, is one of those times. In the post (which fair warning, might be a little too much for some), Dr. P is working to remove a pilar cyst from the crown of her patient's head.

With the first tug of Dr. P's tweezers, you can tell this is going to be a big one. She grasps the top of the cyst and starts pulling gently, wiggling the mass back and forth to coax it through the skin. What Dr. P is able to coax out is a solid, intact cyst that has to be more than an inch in diameter, and pulls so clean and completely out of the skin that you shouldn't be surprised if you straight-up gasp.

"Pilar cyst on a mission" she caption the post.

The cyst itself reminded some viewers of an eyeball or a pearl onion. There's no sound in this video, but you can imagine that Dr. P was just as delighted with the pop as fans in the comments appeared to be.

"So smooth and clean coming out " wrote one.

"It came out perfectly!" wrote another.

Although, at least one fan pointed out the one thing Popaholics were missing from the vid: "Omg I wanted to see that sliced open after" the viewer wrote. Guess this time, that will just be left up to Popaholics' imaginations.