As you know, practice makes perfect. And since Emma Lee Bunton, a.k.a. “Baby Spice” is about to start her new gig as a judge on

She tackled all the sugary and sour goodness that was put in front of her…even the oh-so-90s ham and cheese Lunchables, which she remembered getting in her lunch as a kid. "They're not too bad," she says.

While Emma might not be sporting pigtails and go-go boots anymore, watching her taste-test these snacks will totally take you back to your days singing "2 Become 1" while sucking on a ring pop.

Even though this nostalgic trip down snack lane was amazing, it wasn’t all fun and games. Just as things were spicing up (never again, I promise) Emma had to choose a fave '90s snack. Check out the video to see which treat made the cut­-and which she didn’t wannabearound (last time, swear).