According to one tiny house homeowner at Women's Health (how cool, right?!), anything under 1,000 square feet is usually acceptable "by less tiny house purists"a description that I totally fit, so I'm going to run with this.

The not-so-tiny tiny house comes to you from the folks at Q-haus , a European company that specializes in prefab wooden structures. (So you know their houses are going to be good).

This one, in particular, comes complete with not one, not two, but three (!!) bedrooms, a bathroom with a sauna or bath, a living room, and an open kitchen and dining area.

Trevor Williams

Open concept livingas in the style oh-so-coveted by every single House Hunter out therein a tiny home? Mind. Blown.

Plus it's totally customizable, meaning you can work with the company to alter aspects such as the materials used on the interior and exterior and the layout to have a sauna or jacuzzi. Once all the very important details (read: high-end furnishings) are figured out and the tiny home is purchased for a cool $105,000, it's then delivered in just two pieces so you don't have to do too much DIY.

It's also designed with Mother Earth in mind. Not only is the tiny house lined (and I mean lined) with windows so you can essentially rely on natural light, but it's also engineered to consume as little energy as possible.

Picture this: a cup of cocoa in hand, buried under a fleece blanket, staring out onto the snowy slopes from the comfort of your mini-casa. Woah. And if that's not really your speed (confusing, but okay), then you can just plop this bad boy in your backyard as a humble abode for your guestsafter all, it does sleep eight people.

Okay, so, now I'm jealous. This not-so-tiny home is waaaay better than my apartment, which I guess is also considered a tiny home...?