• A California woman's rant against neighbors buying "cheap" Halloween candy is going viral on Twitter.
  • In the rant, the woman says candies like "Dum Dums, Smarties, and Jolly Ranchers" may be suitable for other neighborhoods, but not hers.
  • She also tells everyone to buy "full or KING size" candy bars and encourages elderly neighbors who like to give out to coins to "step up your game this Halloween."

A woman in California is getting attention on social media after she went on a rant against her neighbors buying "cheap" Halloween candy . The rant, which was posted to her neighborhood watch Facebook page, was screenshot and shared on Twitter by BestofNextdoor .

The post is looong. In it, the unidentified woman begins saying shes noticed that theres been a lot more cheap candy on the trick-or-treating route lately. "I don't know if this trend is the result of the higher bills or even the new constructions, but cheap candy has somehow infiltrated our community for Halloween and it has to stop," she wrote.

Apparently, she's not a fan of candies like Dum Dums, Smarties, and Jolly Ranchers, which she said "maybe [sic] suitable" in neighboring towns, "but not here in Rancho Cucamonga."

"We are an affluent neighborhood and this status should be reflected in our candy provisions for Halloween," she continued. The woman then requested that her neighbors only buy "full or KING size candy."

However, if any of her neighbors did happen to buy fun-sized candy bars, they didn't need to return them, she said. "Just keep in mind that 4-6 of those fun size bars equate to a standard size bar," the woman added.

"Dum Dums, Smarties, and Jolly Ranchers maybe suitable for Ontario, Fontana, and even Montclair... but NOT here in Rancho Cucamonga!" WE ARE AN AFFLUENT NEIGHBORHOOD AND OUR HALLOWEEN CANDY SHOULD REFLECT THAT pic.twitter.com/qk7WzCxGMB Best of Nextdoor (@bestofnextdoor)

The ranter also took special issue with Peeps. "For Gods sake, leave those Peep candies alone," she said. "No one, I mean NO ONE wants those terrible marshmallow tragedies."

The woman then went after elderly neighbors who like to hand out coins for Halloween in her rant. "Unless you plan on throwing some quarters into the mix, stop peddling your pennies and step up your game this Halloween," she said.

Well, people had some ~thoughts~ after the rant was posted on Twitter.

Someones house is gonna get TPd this year Gordon (@GordonWerner)

Sounds like the neighborhood kids got together to send a message. pic.twitter.com/ZUIurkEwCx BluenoserGal (@dmallyon)

the Business Mom has logged on, and she. is. pissed. pic.twitter.com/2Cvo5yDVkr HAM BLOWOUT 2019 (@replyguysofly)

Somebody needs to eat another THC gummy Antifa Artist in Resistance (@shovemedia)

No official word on how the original message went over with the neighbors, but odds are, the next HOA meeting is going to be a little tense.