Men's wallets are mostly full of cash, IDs and yes... CONDOMS!!! They are allegedly meant for just-in-case situations or a better way for men to play safe with any girl. But most men find it hard to believe women too could carry condoms in their purses or hand bags...for similar reasons and so some consider these women flirts or whores. Just that be the case? We ask our Men what they think about their girlfriends hiding protections in their bags and here is what they think:

"That's ridiculous... Its a man-thing not women!" -

"It's really not necessary for my girlfriend to carry condoms in her bag when she is to be sleeping with me alone. If I find it in her bag, I will think she's cheating on me, so NO!" -

"If men should protect themselves, why should women not do the same. What if we wanted to have sex and I ran out of protection? Hers will definitely save the day!" -

"Any woman who carries condoms in her bag loves sex and could be sleeping with so many men. If its my girlfriend, then its evident that she sleeps with other men and not me alone." - Bert, UK.

"I don't find anything wrong with it. It's no big deal who carries the condoms." -

"It's all about protecting ourselves. She loves me and I love her. So anyone is capable of carrying protections. No issue with that."  -

"Why are we even using the condoms if we live each other? If we do love and trust each other, there will be no room for who is carrying condoms or not."

"I don't know what i will do if i find condoms in my girlfriends bag, I will surely just dump her!" -

"Women should not carry Condoms in their bags. It's not even sexy! It's a man's thing please" - .

"I just believe there ought to be a discussion if she should carry condoms around. In fact, I should suggest that idea not her deciding to that. It makes her appear like a flirt!"  -

Well, we got these interesting responses, if you have something else, please share with us all.