Sex is very normal part of a human life; though we believe it should be within the right context. It is a gift of nature and should be enjoyed as it is essentially meant to be pleasurable. Sex increases dopamine-the hormone that improves memory and motivation- in the body so this can't be a bad thing! Between orgasm is a gift that keeps giving; it is the height of pleasure.

Sex is good; mind blowing sex is even better, it helps us much more than we can ever imagine. It should move from being a routine or a 'fix' to actual pleasure and satisfaction and we have reasons.

1) It burns calories.

Sex helps burn calories, its like working out but this time a pleasurable workout. Did you know that a 30minutes sex equals a loss of about 150 calories! Do you need another reason to get under the sheets?

2) It is healthy

Regular sex actually helps prevent cold and strengthen the immune system. It releases hormone prolactin which produces T and B lymphocytes which constitutes the immune cells.

3) It definitely helps with sleep

Sex releases the cuddle hormone/oxytocin which helps you sleep/increases the bond between you and your partner. That is so romantic.

4) Sex is good for the heart

Sex increases the release of hormones that works to improve energy levels and strengthen vital parts of the body; the bones, the heart and so on.

5) It helps you relax

Sex relaxes you this consequently lowers the blood pressure, other stress levels in the body. It helps de-stress you; reason some people are able to fall asleep like a baby after sex.

6) It makes you bendy (and a pro!)

Sex is like a training session for strength, it is like going to the gym to work out because muscles are also involved in the pleasurable game, over time the body gets used to it and it becomes all kinds of amazing and mindblowing.

Do you still need more reasons to roll in the hay? We bet no!