Afang Soup

Next to EdikangIkong soup, Afang soup is the most popular soup you can find in Calabar. In fact, it is called ‘efereette’, (father’ssoup); because it is mostly prepared during the weekend where it is believed the man of the house will be at home.

Afang soup is a very tasty and nutritious Nigerian soup and its preparation is not as expensive and extensive as EdikangIkong.

It is made with Afang leaves and water leaves and is very thick and rich.


Beef, goat meat or other assorted meat

Snail (optional)

Smoked fish

Stock fish

Shelled Periwinkle

Ground crayfish

Fresh pepper

Water leaves

Afang Leaves (shredded and pounded)

Palm oil


Salt to taste

How to prepare Afang Soup

Slice the Afang leaves and pound them, using a mortar and pestle (you can also blend them); slice the water leaves as well and set them aside. Wash your meat thoroughly and place in a pot. Add some sliced onions, ground chilies, seasoning, salt and some water.

Boil the meat and stock fish together to bring out their flavour, clean the dried fish and add to the cooked meat. Remove the snail from the shells and wash thoroughly with lime or lemon juice to remove slime, and add to the pot of boiling meat.

Add the palm oil, pepper, ground crayfish and seasoning. Mix well and then add your periwinkles at the stage. Cover and leave to cook for about 10minutes. Add the Afang leaves and leave to simmer for 5minutes and then add the water leaves.

Add salt to taste, simmer for 2minutes and your delicious Afang soup is ready.

Afang soup is served hot with fufu, eba,poundedyam, Semovita or wheat meal.

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