It gets to a point when loneliness creeps in, these days when people complain about loneliness it gets weird but thinking about it, the world is getting more technologically advanced but our actual relationship with 'people'/each other dwindles. We are slowly replacing humans with objects!

1. Get Out More

You won't get friends when you remain in solitude 'enjoying a perfect life on your sofa'. Get out and consciously make friends.

2. Observe Other People

Study/observe people especially when you go out, you will attract your likes if you take time to study people your type which makes for your kind of lifestyle eventually.

3. Make The First Move

When you go out, initiate conversation/a friendly hand. Most times others are too shy to walk up to us as well just because they are shy/not sure about our attitude. You can break an ice by complimenting a person's dress or make-up etc. Just DON'T be fake about, mean what you say.

4. Start Random Conversations

Be bold enough to strike up meaningful conversations with people when you go out, talk about things of mutual interest and so on, this way you pick up on mutual likes and dislikes making it easy to spark up friendship (or not!)

5. Improve Yourself

By all means improve yourself, go for the short courses, the finishing school, learn more-there is a lot to be learnt on the internet as well- at all cost stay informed; this attracts people to you and you stay making the best of friends as well.

6. Hang Out with Family

Make a habit of being around family and old friends, you are more comfortable around them becuase they know you well and they have your back most of the time.