We all know/ heard about the amazing qualities of Shea Butter! Now imagine body oil made from pure unadulterated Shea butter.

R&R Luxury Body oil is simply 100% natural liquid Shea butter which implies it has all the properties of the natural Shea butter without the ‘messiness’ of the local shea.

We love R&R Luxury Body Oil mostly because:

It contains Vitamins A, E and F which helps nourishes the skin- giving it a smooth texture, keeping it clear and healthy. Vitamin F also acts as a skin protector and rejuvenator. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin.

It equally helps soften dry or damaged hair (another amazing function for the price of one!).

Like natural Shea butter, the body oil helps sun damaged skin and prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines (ladies love products like this!)

Natural Shea Butter is non-comedogenic; same applies to R&R Body Oil; It penetrates the skin while allowing it to breathe, it will not block your pores and has a high level of natural sunscreen; we are loving this!

The body oil is so versatile that it works perfectly as a body oil, used alone or mixed with a dry moisturizer, can be used as hair treatment; Shea works amazing for the hair, on wounds and many more.

Shea butter has no limit to its use; it is natural enough to be used on a baby’s skin.

We ultimately love this product because aside from the fact that it is 100% natural, it is made in Nigeria and presented in a re-useable container, branded to compete with any other international product in its category.

The product is available in Serenity, Madagascan Vanilla and Ori Nku (unscented). This body care product is a must have, we swear by it and did we mention it is affordable?

You should try it and let us know your thoughts; we are waiting!