The festive seasons are the perfect time for holiday hook ups. during this season you’ll come across a lot of new faces, people are travelling down from different places all coming together to have a great time during the holidays. While  your friends who are dating will have each other, you can cast your net into the crowd of hot new people, something you can't do while in a committed relationship. forget that people look at you with pity and tell you its hard to be alone during that time of the year, its awesome to be single during Christmas….. though not so sure about new years when it clocks midnight and there is no one to kiss you.

1. You have more you time, dating during Christmas means you have to attend every event with your partner. not when you're single .You can chose not to go, or go and be free to mingle with hotties at the party.

2. Its the perfect time to catch up with your other friends who are single

3. This year you don't have to worry about what to get your partner for Christmas, this year buy yourself an awesome present.

4. Rather than being depressed about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend, look forward to 2014, plan the year, set goals that will make you a better person.

5.You save yourself awkward moments like having Christmas day lunch with his/her family.