2. The Front Of His Neck: Women tend to pay oral attention to the sides of a man’s neck between his ear and his collar, but it turns out they're missing the major stimulation spot: just below his Adam's apple. The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland about halfway down the front of his neck, is closely linked to the sex organs, according to ancient Chinese sex experts. Have your guy lie on his back with a pillow plumped behind his head so his neck is exposed and slightly arched forward. Warm him up by brushing your wet lips against the hollow of his throat. Next, run the soft flat of your tongue straight up until you're licking his Adam's apple. The thyroid is just beneath it; dip down and pause here and massage the area in wide circular motions with your tongue. Teasing him in circles ensures that you excite the entire thyroid, so he gets maximum pleasure. He'll be so hot and bothered, he'll gurgle your name in gratitude.

3.His Nipples: As a woman, you know that your nipples are a carnal command center. Yet experts have found that your man’s headlights might be even more sensitive, since most men aren't used to having these sexy switches lavished with attention. For a lot of men, their nipples are uncharted territory, an erogenous zone they haven't experimented with. Touch them, however, and you'll send shock waves of pleasure radiating through him. The ultimate manipulation trick is called the ice cream swirl. While he's stretched out on his back, slowly lick in a circle starting outside his areola, circling closer toward the nipple as you would an ice cream cone. Keep tantalizing him by zeroing in closer with your tongue. Finally, quickly flick the nipple, and then very gently bite it. Men love when you slowly build up the pressure like that, so don't be afraid to nip him harder than you would like to be. To up the erotic ante, suck on an ice cube before you begin. Your cold tongue will supercharge the concentrated cluster of nipple nerve endings.

4. The Dip Under His Ankle: Halfway between his heel and ankle bone is a fingertip-size pressure point that has been known to have enormous passion potential. This spot is linked to the sex organs and pressing it releases energy, producing feelings of pleasure. Do the deed in the reverse girl-on-top position, so you face his feet. As you sense your guy is getting close to climax, reach forward, grab his ankles and pulse each pressure point in rhythm with your thrusts. He'll blow a gasket in seconds, and playing footsie will never be the same.

5. His Perineum: Most men are shy about guiding you to this patch of skin just past his family ‘jewels’. But beneath it is his prostate gland, an organ with major orgasmic power. A few soft strokes here will bring him to the brink. Before he enters you in the missionary position, reach between his legs and lightly tease his entire package. When your hand is behind his testicles, press your knuckles gently into the smooth flesh. Your naughty kneading will bliss him out. Then, knock boots and knead him at the same time. When he's ready to hit the roof, push your knuckles deeper; this will extend his orgasm.