Prince Harry is the fourth in line to the British Throne and yes, unless PrinceWilliam, Royal baby George or Prince Charles die, Harry may never become king. But we've found out four shocking reasons why Harry, even if he was second in line, cannot wear the crown, ever!

Harry was a young drunk! According to the biography, Harry: The People’s Prince by Chris Hutchins, the 4 in line to the throne allegedly began his partying extravaganza way too early. The Prince apparently had his first smoke when he was just 8 and allegedly became "happily squiffy" on local brandy during a Mediterranean vacation at age 12.

Did he commit rape? In the same biopic, the teenage Prince went on a date with a shop girl called Margaret. According to the girl, who later opened up about dating the red head, "the second time we met, he held my hand, kissed me and said he thought he was falling in love". Sleek guy!

Harry doped!? According to Harry: The People’s Prince, its suspected that some M16 officers (British secret service equivalent) once stumbled on the Prince allegedly using cannabis at a public toilet. Reports claim that his nickname "Hash Harry at Eton" came as a result of his alleged fondness for the drug.

Finally, Chris Hutchins also alleges that Prince Harry developed his partying tactics while studying at the posh private school at Eton. During his vacations he would supposedly invite his pals over to Prince Charles’ country house and throw parties in the cellar. Dubbed a "drink and drugs den' by the U.K newspaper the Sunday People. It supposedly became known as Club H.

Do you guys believe Prince Harry could die and never mount the Royal Throne?