Do you constantly wonder what the perfect woman is made of? Have you ever tried to know if your babe is Miss Right?

While there are no perfect measures to decide what the best woman for you looks like, you can still know, to a large extent, that your babe is good for you if she does the listed below:

1. She's ride or die for you

Is she down for you and supportive of the things you do even when it is quite difficult to do so? Does she hold you down at your weakest and lowest? That's a sign.

But note that women who do this deserve nothing but eternal loyalty and good treatment. Never repay this level of goodness with bad energy.

2. She's your confidant

If she listens to you and provides an atmosphere that allows you open your heart and mind and soul to her, don't downplay her imprtance. If she listens without judgement or ridicule, just know you have a good woman on your hands.

If you can trust her with your life and she has never betrayed that trust, don't be so quick to give her up. Such level of trustworthiness is not so common.

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3. She's independent

Every strong woman can be both independent, fierce and at the same time soft, tender and emotional. If you have a woman on your hands who has perfected the balance between these traits, you are on to something good and you should never mess it up by taking her for granted or pushing her to her limits.

Even the most elastic things snap at breaking point.

4. She's unconditional in her love for you

Whatever the situation, she just wants you and she is never shy to let you know this. That's a woman to hold on to.

5. She's uncomplicated

There’s no complication and no games. If there are no shady conversations with an ex who keeps popping up on her phone. No colleague at work who’s too close for comfort, nothing.

It’s just you and she makes that abundantly clear in words and actions.