Almost everyone, millennials especially, wants and hopes to meet someone at some point who will love them unconditionally, faithfully and in every other way that has become endlessly romanticised  by  fairy tale movies and novels.

Of course love is a beautiful thing, and meeting someone whose soul and mind merges perfectly with yours brings such joy and peace that sometimes transcends definition or explanation.

But is love really how people often say it is? Apparently  not.

There is something about the human nature that makes people either want to exaggerate things or downplay them.

Finding the best partner for you and being in a relationship with them is not always as great as people say.

Below are three commonest misconceptions about love, dating and relationships:

1. 'The one'

People like to push this idea that there’s a particularly perfect person – just one - out there for every individual.

They say meeting that person makes your relationship effortless, makes your life colorful and other similar bag of lies.

There’s no such thing as “The One.” It is just another ‘thing’ some Hollywood scriptwriter came up with and somehow became established.

There’s more than one person out there that could light up your world. And that someone lights up your world does not mean the relationship will be without issues or that it’ll be effortless.

Relationships don’t ever work that way.

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2. Attraction is not love

When most people say they are in love, they are talking about attraction to someone else.

They are drawn to something the person does, says, and how he/she says and does those things.

However, you can’t pursue a relationship with everyone you feel this way towards. While attraction is random and unplanned, loving someone is deliberate and intentional.

3. Love is never one-sided

Love is about sharing - time, yourself, substance, knowledge and basically everything.

You can't say you're in love with someone if all you do is receive their affection and all  other good stuff without giving anything back.

explains these things in her vlog; “Love, Life and Everything in Between,” published on July 17 2017.

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