How girls hope for their men to eventually 'grow up'

There's no need waiting for him to "grow up". Who told you he's not already grown? Why make your own definition of  a "grown up" different from his natural or normal lifestyle? He's who he is just as you are what you are.

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The ideology that women are desperate for love or to be loved is not far from being true. It's a known fact that according to statistics, the ratio of women to men is like one is to three; but another fact is that not everyone has to get married. So, what happens to that faction that doesn’t? Are they the ones who end up as second, third or fourth wives? Are they the mistresses who do not care if he's been married for 18 years with three- six children? Are they the Miss Independent ones who could probably choose to have a baby and be glad to raise them on their own? Who are they exactly and how do they cope without a man loving and staying with them?

For some of these women, it's not easy to find love and when they finally do, they hold on to it, never letting go no matter what - beatings, cheating, insults - don't change them. They would prefer to give their all with the hope that the man will change someday. He'll love them just as they love him. When?

A woman of 35 - 45  is willing to commit herself into a relationship with a 25 - 30 boy (man) and expects him to think, react to issues, know things just as she does. Why? And when he doesn't, she  assumes he doesn’t love her or respects her. There's no doubt that he's a young man whose got his life to live and experiences to encounter. Abiding to your own rules at his young age doesn't mean he's stupid. That's the way he is.

There's no need waiting for him to "grow up". Who told you he's not already grown? Why make your own definition of  a "grown up" different from his natural or normal lifestyle? He's who he is just as you are what you are. Hardly do men try or wait for women to grow up. Most of them take you for what you are and love you anyways. Sometimes, child birth changes the way a woman thinks or loves but that doesn't mean, he waited for that to happen.

My advice is, women should learn to do better for themselves. Then, you might attract the man who will suit your being or character just fine. You won't be focused on making him different or waiting for him to grow up to your taste. If at 25- 60, he's a woman-beater, infidel partner, liar, womanizer, pretender etc that's because he's like that not because there's a certain age when he'll stop.

If you are a woman who's going through a divorce or break up and still hopes to get back with your partner just because you think he'll come back when he grown-up, then you are still in a deep sleep. Wake up! He's never going to change, he's in love with you to change from his "bad ways".

The secret is that when anyone finds true love, he/she wants to be the best of that person. You want to do the right things to keep that relationship healthy and make that person love you in return or even more. But if you keep breaking up and making up and yet believe someday, it will be better, you are missing the bigger picture -- which is, you need to work on yourself. Build your self-confidence, self-esteem, your career, raise your kids (for those who have) and be a strong force. Maybe only that's when  he'll "grow up" on his own to match up with you. That's also because he wants to or really loves you that much.

You really don't have to stay in that "stupid" relationship when deep down you know you are very miserable and unhappy. Instead, find yourself because from every indication, you are the one who needs to grow the hell up!!


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