As Valentines Day approaches, there are many ways to pull a surprise marriage proposal on the one you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

For men who want to make this year's February 14 extra special for their future wives, a Valentine's Day-themed proposal would be remembered by her the rest of your lives together.

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Inspired by The Knot, here are 4 ways to pull a marriage proposal this Valentine

1. Valentine cards: Get little Valentine cards, really small ones and in each card write out one reason you love her, a shared memory. Spread the cards out, from pockets, bedside, fridge to cupboards, anywhere you can think of. Then you can give them the last card ( a really big one) and ask her to marry you with a ring.

2. Charm bracelet: Make her a heart-shaped charm bracelet with each one representing memories you've shared together, a joke or some turning point in your relationship. The last one can be a locket which reads: "Will You Marry Me?"

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3. Start a countdown: Over the days leading to Valentine's Day, you can give your partner simple little gifts every day and on February 14, you can then cook dinner and propose with a ring.

4. Drown with roses: This is like the most popular of them all. Put them everywhere. Lots of them. the car, bathroom, her shoes or her bedside while she's sleeping. Let her wake up to a rose-filled room with you beside her on one knee.