I have been in a relationship with this girl for four months now. She doesn't seem to want to spend alone time with me. I have tried everything to make this possible all to no avail.

I believe that for a new relationship to work out we have to spend more time together. Does she love me, even though she claims she does?


Dear reader,

One of the things I usually find difficulty explaining to people is how to know if someone loves them or not, because, really, in my opinion knowing this is not something to delegate to someone else. You and just you can decide this for yourself.

If that woman is regularly doing things that make you unhappy even though you have called her attention to it, then you have to realise that you are in a relationship and situation that is less-than-ideal.

She could love you and not know how to express it and that, too, is not enough. Really, loving someone and not knowing how to express it is just as bad as not loving them simply because what ‘s the point of loving someone when you can’t even make them know or feel it?

So in the grand scheme of things, the question is not even about whether she loves you or not. It is more of, how well does she know how to express it?

That is the question you should ask. If her actions falls significantly short of what brings you happiness, you’ll pretty much be better being all by yourself instead of grappling with affection and attention all the time.


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