When do men hit their sexual peak?

17, 18 or maybe never?

How men's sexuality age [Credit: iStock/Getty Images]

A search through social media will largely show you that men reach sexual peak somewhere between 17 and 18.

For so long, that has been the belief. Actually, dating back to the 1940’s when a certain Alfred Kinsey whose research on human sexuality [groundbreaking at the time] reached that conclusion after asking men and woman how many times they orgasmed in a week.

For men, the most orgasms were had at age 18. For women, it was in their mid-30s. And so the belief was born that’s still pushed till this day.

But the number of times one orgasms in a given period can’t be used as a judge of ‘sexual peak.’ In this context, sexual peak is not just about regularity. Quality is rather a better-suited synonym and it is difficult to imagine a man’s life ending with the best period of sex in his life coming before he was barely legal.

Actually, science agrees that 18 or any period of a man’s teenage years can’t be the peak of his sexual sojourn [Ok, that’s a little corny but let’s continue.] There are about two different periods projected by surveys and scientific findings – and a man could reach his sexual peak at any of these times.

A certain American sex toy company asked its customers for information on when the best sex of their life happened. Of course, this is personal and subjective to individual experiences but the fact that that several men reported that they were getting the best out of their sex lives at 32 seems pretty… illuminating.

One study from researchers at the University of Texas found that while men had a peak in number of orgasms in late teen years, their sex drive and the satisfaction they got from sex would pretty much stay on the same level till the end of their lives.


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