Newsflash: Women aren't the only ones who suffer low libido and lack of sexual interest.

It’s a widely-accepted view that men are supposed to want sex all the time but of course that's another hasty generalisation that you are better without.

When men suffer from low desire and begin to manifest disinterest in sexual activities, it can be incredibly complicated and challenging for their spouses and partners. Many women feel ashamed, thinking that perhaps their partner no longer thinks they are attractive or that he already has side chicks with whom all his sexual needs are being met.

Others get angry and suspicious that their husband has begun to cheat on them, leading to accusations and eventual divorces/breakups.

Sometimes, instead of your anger and suspicions, all he needs is your assistance and here are five ways to help him out and get your relationship back on track again.

1. Communicate

Communication is absolutely key in all relationships.

Never be too embarrassed or shy to approach your partner and address the matter in the most non-confrontational means possible.

Statements such as this should be helpful; "I've noticed we aren't having sex as much as we used to.”

If there’s any problem, what can I do to help us reignite the spark in our sex lives?"

If you sense that stress from his job and other engagements are getting to him, you could also talk to him about slowing down a bit.

2. Suggest medical assistance

Your partner’s indifference to sex might be as a result of some health issue, which, of course, can be addressed by seeking medical assistance

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3. Exercises

Nothing is better for your physical health, and by extension, sexual health, than plenty of exercise. Look for a way to get your partner involved in this.

4. Healthy Practices

Instead of serving him that huge bowl of unhealthy food, why not find a way to convince him that eating healthy is for his own good?

Make him see reason why doing this and other healthy things will enhance his and your sexual well-being.

5. Initiate sex

If you usually sat back and waited for him to come on to you, it’s time to switch things up and be the change you want to see in your relationship.

It’s believed in some quarters that men find it really arousing when women come on to them.

Perhaps, your decision to make him feel sexy and desirable will automatically get him in the mood again.