If someone is truly ready to move on emotionally, one final sexual experience could be seen as a bitter-sweet ending to a relationship that didn’t quite work.

People do this all the time and it’s… kinda weird, considering that when people want to break up, they do so most times out of frustration and disappointment, bitterness, resentment and a host of other negative energy.

Considered from another angle, though, it may not be so weird to engage in goodbye sex especially if the reasons for breaking up are rooted in circumstances that could not be helped – discordant genotypes and parents that won’t give their blessings are examples that readily come to mind. These cases are typical examples of what just wasn't meant to be.

Having said that, we should also note that leaving a relationship while riding on a wave of sexual satisfaction is one thing; going back over and over again for that orgasmic feeling is another thing. Goodbye sex is something, constantly going back to an ex for sex is another thing.

When you have had enough of a partner’s trashy behavior and their disrespectful, unfaithful ways; when you think you’ve had enough of them and all that has to do with their ugly personalities, but your body keeps yearning for them and you find yourself saying yes every time they call, you need to realise that to an extent, this is understandable.

For men and women who somehow found the perfect match for the lighting of their sexual fires, letting go would be difficult. The mind may know that it is time to let go and may actually uncleave itself from the idea of romantic bliss, but as many people have found out; the mind does not easily forget the memories of the longs nights and hot days of passionate lovemaking; neither does the body suddenly stop responding to the familiar fingers that stoke the widest fires in the most intimate places.

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So when you find yourself dying to randomly text your trash ex-girlfriend late at night for yet another hookup four months after you ‘broke up,’ just know that you are not alone. Great sex has been known to make people act irrationally; to make decisions that are obviously wrong for them, and to stay with people they should have cut off several months ago. A google search on the dumbest things people have done for sex will literally leave your mind blown.

While you are not some special person for feeling this way, and while you are not a loser betided by a woe unknown to man, it still won’t take away the low feeling that comes with being in this situation. You will will yourself to go away from that ex-boyfriend and not look back, but every single ‘Hi’ from him always messes up the whole plan. You will feel like you are stuck in a rut; you will feel bad with yourself, and hope you can just move on to someone better. You will hope to meet someone else who will love you to the fullness of your love-starved heart and touch your body in a way you know or even better. You’ll wish for more, for something better.

But you can wish all you like and nothing will change if you do not block him or her. It is the first step to really dignifying yourself once again. If you really do not want to sleep with your toxic ex anymore but find yourself too weak in the face of their charm offensive and sex appeal, just block them!

It will not take away the memory of them, sure. And whenever your body craves orgasm, he or she will be the first name that comes to mind, but without an ability to reach other, with all channels of communication blocked, the possibility of another tryst is cut in half.

Alongside cutting them off, you would also have to be disciplined enough to keep them blocked. You will need to surround yourself with good friends and a strong support system. You should also get yourself busy and your mind occupied.