Whether the date is a week away, or six months, here are things to keep in mind as you prepare for wedding.

Don’t go cheap on the photography

If you are trying to cut great costs on many things, try not to do this with the photographer.

The memories you have for years after the wedding ceremony, the memories your children will grow to become familiar with, will be defined by the images taken at the ceremony.

It really does not hurt to have beautiful pictures.

A videographer really isn’t a bad idea

Just a reminder, bride, in case you are being moved by the ongoing recession, to cut out videography. Don’t.

Won’t you like to fondly watch the wedding again, travel down in time and relive that moment you walked down the aisle looking like a vision from heaven? And how about that first kiss that everyone cheered so loudly, you would like to see that again, right?

Then get yourself a good videographer.

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Let people help if they want to

Few times, I’ve heard of grooms who refused help because they wanted to ‘do their weddings themselves.’ That is an admirable thing, really.

On the flipside, though, Nigerian weddings are more or less family affairs and it is not really a big deal, if you let your relatives foot some of the bills if they show interest in doing so.

If you have problems with asking for help from people, then, remember you did not ask per se, they offered to help. You only said yes.

Provide enough food, but don’t overdo it

Simply because even if you kill 10 cows, chances are that everything will be devoured.

That money could be invested in something else – your honeymoon, for example.

Make counseling a priority

Let’s not focus on the wedding and completely forget the marriage, which is actually more important.

You and your partner should visit a professional counsellor, or as the case often is, a religious leader.

Whichever one you choose, or even if you choose both, make sure all issues that might pose future problems are thoroughly discussed.

Whatever happens, dance like no one is watching

Whether or not things go as planned, you owe yourself the duty to dance like that would be your last time ever.

And, oh, this rule does not apply to the bride alone!