Bridal beauty routine

Everyone wants to look gorgeous and beautiful on their wedding day, and there are only four ways to achieve this: start early and stick to the routine.


Everyone wants to look gorgeous and beautiful on their wedding day, however there are only four ways to achieve this and it is very important for you to start early and stick to the routine.

In Nigeria today we have specialists, stores and even websites that often offer free beauty consultations, especially for brides tobe. This is a good place to start. Discuss any skin problems and find out which of the good quality skin product will suit your skin. Regular cleansing, eating well nourished food, drinking a lot of water and moisturising will keep you blemish free and looking healthy.

Make up matters

If you opt for doing your own make up on the day, make sure you buy any new cosmetics early on and practice. When you’re trying out make up, it’s important to wear something the same colour as your wedding dress or take a piece of material in the same colour which can be draped to get the same effect.

Also you can try taking a make up lesson from a beauty salon or a make up artist so that you could pick up ideas and new techniques of applying make up.

At your fingertips

Don’t forget that your hands will become the focus of attention when showing off your newly acquired wedding ring. So be careful to avoid doing anything that will cause nails to split and break and take extra care when shaping them. Use a load of hand cream in the weeks leading up to the great day to get them super soft and smooth and the day before the wedding, have a professional manicure.

Don’t overdo the diet

You may have decided to lose a few pounds before your wedding day, but don’t set yourself unrealistic targets. It’s difficult to stick to a diet at the best of times and when you’re stressed out, it’s even harder. Chances are, you’ll lose weight anyway, rushing around doing all that organising.

Hair care

Make an appointment with your chosen hairdresser well in advance to discuss your wedding day hairstyle, especially if you are planning something a bit different. Book some practice sessions and take along your headdress and veil. Remember good hairdressers tend to get booked up, particularly on Saturdays in the summer months.

Decide whether you want to visit the salon on the wedding day, or ask the hairdresser to come to the house. Get your booking in writing and ask the hairdresser to make detailed notes after the practice session.

These routines and tips are quite simple, stick to them and you would surely look gorgeous and stunning on your big day.


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