The year 2016 might be just about to roll to an end and a lot of things will pass with it.

While it is cool to look forward with a lot of hope and high expectations, it is also advisable to keep doing the great things that you have been doing all along.

So, as much as we look forward to the year 2017 with anticipation for more beautiful wedding ideas, we are still totally in love with these three that came in year 2016 and think they should not be allowed to fade into extinction with 2016.

1. Flower crowns

One of the widely accepted trends of 2016 is the bride’s floral head piece.

Whether it came as a result of the Snapchat or not, we really can’t tell and it does not really matter.

What’s certain is that the beautiful, creative idea was well-received and there aren’t many other better ideas this year than this one which literally blossomed in someone’s mind.

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Matching the crown with the to the bride's bouquet is a tremendously gorgeous replacement for the traditional veil.

We think many more brides deserve to get the chance to enjoy the trend, so let’s roll it on into 2017.

2. Wedding hashtags

Oh, 2016 was also the year of wedding hashtags!

Just look around you - Instagram, twitter, everywhere - and there is a wedding hashtag commemorating the day some two people got joined in beautiful matrimony, celebrity or not.

Toolz and Tunde Demuren [#Tsquared2016], Blossom Chukwujekwu and Maureen Esisi [#BloRed2016], Benita Okojie and Olawale Adeyina [#BAndW16] to mention a few.

This trend has gone as far as possible and brides everywhere are embracing it.

We’d be sad to drop it just yet. 2017 brides deserve a shot at this great trend, too.

3. Modest bridal dresses

This year, the eye-popping cleavages somehow took the backseat while modest, sophisticated, and beautiful bridal dresses took the stage.

Brides somehow found a subtler, gentler way to bring out their sexiness as many decided to go with modest and magnificent.

If there was ever an argument that both words can’t be used to describe the same thing, 2016 brides settled that argument in the most beautiful manner imaginable.