They say you never know when and where love finds you and this just sums up the story of Eniola and Adedeji.

In an exclusive chat with Pulse Weddings, Eniola narrated how Deji used to look out for her during their university days after their first meeting at a campus fellowship, they still kept in touch after the groom-to-be graduated.

The bride-to-be revealed to Pulse that she knew they would be together and prayed against falling in-love with him but it didn't work, rather everything turned out to be the opposite.

Deji and Enny began dating in 2012, four years after they first met and are set to walk down the aisle on March 12, 2016.

Read their romantic journey below:

How we met:

Eniola's Story

How we met :

Our love story is a living proof that God is indeed the most creative and humourous matchmaker and that your  life partner may be right under your nose for many years without you knowing it until it is revealed to you at the right time.

Our first meeting in 2008 on OAU campus at a mass choir rehearsal at an SCM annual conference. He was an instrumentalist while I was an alto singer. We clicked as friends but as time went on. He mentored and checked up on my spiritual growth and academic progress as he did for many others.

He tutored me In mathematics and acted like a professor, I always called him "Oga Deji" because he was so focused and never had time for girls. But he later told me he always had a burden to be there for me and protect me .

When he graduated, he kept to his promise of always being there for me. He is a man of his words and he kept to his promise for 4 solid years after he graduated.

There was a day I was praying concerning my academics, I was going through a phase and needed help. During my prayer time, I had a strong knowing that Deji was going to be my husband.

I was puzzled because I was totally engrossed and praying about my academics and here comes this strong thought about marriage. I rebuked the strong feeling and kept on praying. But subsequently things kept coming up to reveal that we were going to be life partners. And with each prompting I had, things got clearer.

Little did I know he was going through the same thing.  It was a great struggle in my mind to accept the fact  that my mentor will become my  lover and vice versa.

The icebreaker came when he suddenly chipped in during  one of our phone discussions that he had something important to tell me. I was wondering why he couldn't  just say whatever it was on the phone. By this time I was so madly in love with him and I was looking forward  to his visit.

He insisted on travelling to Ife to see me. I could see it coming, my heart was beating fast. He asked me out on March 9. the eve of his Birthday. I felt like saying yes immediately but I planned to reply him after  two months.

I  thought I could hold on .. but I gave him my response  when I couldn't take it any more on the March 17 over the phone at 2 am to be more precise (laughs).

How he proposed:

I was in Texas for over a year during our courtship. We planned our wedding gradually and discussed our future together. There were ups and downs but we held on to our source.

My honey proposed on Valentine's day 2016 when I returned to Nigeria. There was no "sereren". It was a  romantic and mature proposal. He  parked the car on our way  to pay someone a visit and showered me with sweet words. I still didn't  understand what was going on until he brought out the ring because he does the sweet words thing a lot. The best part of it was I had no clue he was going to propose to me.  I loved the surprise factor. It was simple but left a lasting impression.

So, that was how my mentor became my very own lover and now husband-to-be o!

We are walking down the aisle on March 12, 2016 after being mentor and protégée from 2008 to 2012 and courting from 2012 to 2016.

Glory to God.

Adedeji's story:

How we met:

I was a 500 level Civil Engineering student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, when I met Enny.

On that fateful day, after choir rehearsals, in preparation for one of my fellowship (Student Christian Movement) conferences, I exchanged pleasantries with everyone (though nostalgic because I was leaving campus), it was while greeting my people that I met her. She was still a part 1 Geology student and sorry I wasn't into catching them young..(laughs).

Typical of me, I asked about academics and adaptation to Ife environs; gave some advice on achieving excellence(nothing more o!...I swear). I saw her off to her hostel gate (it was quite late due to the intense choir rehearsals) and said goodbye. From there, we became friends, though more of a mentor to mentee (no strings attached).

During the four years after I left campus, I kept in touch with Enny, asking about campus and life generally (still no strings). At a point, I realised I'd developed interest in her based on our foundation of friendship and personal conviction. She was in final year then. I spoke to her and our relationship started.

How I Proposed:

Hmmm...on how I proposed, it was simple but effective. On Feb 14th, 2015 after church and lunch, we drove to pay someone a visit. After we got there and parked, I suddenly had a straight face. Enny was practically in suspense, asking what was wrong and I refused to respond. After some minutes went by, I popped the question. She couldn't believe her eyes and ears.  The rest is definitely going to be a beautiful history after we take our vows on March 12.

Congratulations to Eniola and Adedeji

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