A man who pulled an epic romantic proposal by climbing a 600ft cliff got stuck afterwards and had to be rescued.

27-yr-old Michael Banks had climbed the popular 600ft Morro Rock, a well-known landmark in Morro Bay, California, and proposed to his girlfriend who was watching him via FaceTime.

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After she said ‘yes’, Banks got stuck on his way down the cliff and had to be rescued and airlifted by a helicopter.

The Morro Bay fire Capt. Todd Gailey, told the Chicago Sun Times how the romantic proposal went wrong for the man who is now officially off the market.

“Michael took a different trail down, much steeper, he couldn’t go any direction, on a sheer ledge, with his feet dangling 80 feet off the ground”, Gailey explained.

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Rescuers had received an alert about a young man clinging to the cliff edge and a helicopter with some men was quickly dispatched to bring him to safety.

Climbing on Morro Rock has been banned but some people still choose to go on the dangerous adventure.

The fire Capt. said the young man was ‘relatively calm, if a little unnerved’ during the rescue’.

Gailey told The Chicago Sun that ‘Michael didn’t express any second thoughts about his edgy proposal choice during his dramatic rescue, he recommends others think twice.

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It was gathered that the rescued man suggested ‘anyone wishing to sweep someone off their feet should, perhaps, choose a spot ‘where you’re not in danger of falling off a cliff.’

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