Brides are the most nervous people during wedding preparations. From the engagement to walking down the aisle, she wants everything to be perfect and her guests properly entertained. Yet, she wants to be the most beautiful person in the room and wants her husbands eyes all on her alone. To make all these little dreams come true, a bride should consider doing these things before the big day.

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1.) Wedding shopping

No bride wants to appear in "rags" or untidy on her wedding day. They would travel the world to get that particular wedding gown that fits and that makes her shine brighter than a diamond. From the dress to her shoes, jewelries and getting a make-up team, she needs to be perfect and prompt! So dress fittings become consistent.

2.) Cake Tasting

This is a very important part of wedding planning. Brides wouldn't want to have a cake she wouldn’t eat on a normal day to be served at her wedding. Her dream cake is what she wants. So going for multiple cake tasting wouldn’t be a problem at all.

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3.) Meeting the Wedding planner

Almost every wedding planner will tell you that the bride is the most important person of any wedding and honestly, one of the most difficult persons to convince. She wants everything to be perfect - from food, drinks, cake to souvenirs. So meeting with the wedding planner becomes her hobby.

4.) Girls Night Out

Every bride spends most of the weeks towards her wedding with the girls - her mom, mother figure, friends and/or sisters. She needs them around like it was her last time spending with the women who have helped shaped her life. Her BFF/ maid of honor needs to constantly remind her why she chose her husband or why her marriage will last long. Days to the big day she may also call for sleep overs or a night outs just to feel her girls.

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5.) Marriage counselling

Every bride needs spiritual advice on marriage. How lovely and yet difficult it is and why she would survive till her dying day. Wanting to know her husband-to-be better and how he sees certain beliefs are also very important. Is she making the right decision at the right time? Should she take medical tests before the wedding? Will he cheat? Which church would they attending as a couple? How many children will she have? Etc.