Choosing service providers and food vendors for your wedding can be a nightmare considering the budget and other specific needs.

Imagine a wedding without food or food isn't served on time or finishes before the couple even arrives! And even where the food does not run out, what if the food is bad, the service is slow or there's just no variety? Nightmare!

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Funke Bucknor-Obruthe of Zapphaire Events, in her new wedding, party and lifestyle vlog series, 'Funke Says',  points out how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to food at weddings, communicating with the food vendors, plus tips on how to choose, how to delegate what, and more!

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For couples having difficulties getting food vendors or deciding on what food you will need at your wedding, here are a few tips to help you  out:

1. Make sure you have a food tasting before the event

2. Choose your menu

3. Communicate with the food vendors more than three times before the event

4. How many waiters would you need?

5. Will the waiters be in uniform? (You may have a theme for your wedding)

6. When do you want the starters served, beginning, during or after the event?

7. How many food stations will you have?

8. Are they providing their own cutleries?

9. What kind of glasses do you need at your event: Wine, champaign or water glasses?

10. Is it a platery or buffet service? Platery is when waiters ask guests what they want. Buffet is when guest go get their food by themselves

11. Desserts must be served to feed every guest at the event.

Watch Funke Bucknor explain these listed points in the video above.