Being a wedding planner in Nigeria has its blessings as well as its disadvantages. As much as its complete fun planning a brides dream day and making it come to reality, it will be great to also look at some of the things which could make a wedding planners job really difficult.

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1.) Weather

Having a bad weather on your wedding day is a complete nightmare and moreso to the wedding planner who perhaps have to make quick changes in a short time. Open door weddings are mostly affected by rain or snow and ceremonies under the large tents, a very windy day could ruin it all. Wedding planners are advised to check out weather reports before and after setting dates and locations.

2.) Crowd Management

This is a major problem for most Nigerian weddings. "I call Nigerian weddings organized chaos," Kate Diaz of Wedding Concepts, South Africa says. A Nigerian brides hardly know the exact number of people attending her wedding and even when she does, more attend anyways. A wedding planner has to make sure everyone of fed and drinks even if the number surpasses the estimated crowd.

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3.) Vendors

Wedding planners claim these people are the most difficult, second to the bride to deal with. They are hardly certain about the demand and supply process so you have to make sure you are on their necks to make sure the wedding goes as planned. Planners have to communicate with vendors always towards the wedding and make sure they are on time with their supplies.

4.) Budget

Coming up with a budget for a wedding is stressful and involves constant meetings with the bride, bride's mother or whoever the "wedding influencer' is. Planners find it difficult to deal with low-budgets especially if what's expected of them is way higher.

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5.) Lack of Trust

A wedding planner has to win the trust of his/her client in order to make h/her job easier. When your client doesn't trust the planner, coming up with a budget is even more difficult. The bride sometimes chooses to make deals with the vendors herself instead of allowing her planner do so. Mistakes are easily done. Respect for time gets ruined etc.

6.) Payment

Almost every wedding planner today gets paid upfront before work is done. Most of them demand more than half of their money upfront. This is because most them end up being owed so much money after the wedding is over because clients refuse to pay on time or at all.