A couple eloped to Finland to have an intimate fairytale wedding and they have some amazing shots to prove the ceremony was pure magic.

Newlyweds, Alex Coulson and Sarah Page had traveled to the Lapland region of the European country in the winter and got married on December 1.

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The adventure-loving couple has a wedding ceremony which lasted 16 hours though the area had only one and half hours of daylight.

The amazing photos were shot by wedding photographer/wedding planner Ann Peters of Your Adventure Wedding present.

"Alex and Sarah were really laid-back, quirky, fun and were up to pushing their limits, they had been on some really exciting explorations already together, and were ready to step it up a notch with an unforgettable adventure wedding day!", Peters told Huffington Post.

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"It was critical to ensure the timing was smooth to utilize the daylight accordingly, It was also a fun challenge from the photography perspective because it allowed me to create some magical nighttime wedding portraits," the wedding photographer continued.

Sarah and Alex had eloped after they won a Nordic elopement contest sponsored by Brides Without Borders and Ann Peters.

As winners of the competition, they had received a $15,000 wedding package that included a planner/photographer, flowers, dinner and accommodations for a two-night stay in one of the Nordic countries.

Check out more photos above.