Wedding planners are there to make sure that a wedding goes without any mishaps or catastrophes. They are to make the day so special for the bride or the groom. But here are four renowned wedding/event planners sharing their worse wedding nightmares. What could possibly ruin a wedding so fast?


1.) Weather

A bad weather is one the major things that can bring a perfect wedding ceremony to ruins especially if it's an out-door event. "Every wedding planner MUST check the weather reports before planning on concepts for any wedding," Ayiri Oladunmoye,  CEO of OAKEN Events said at the debut  Atinu'da Event in Lagos. "Rains, snow or even heat could ruin the day for not only the couple but for the guests as well," she said.

2.) Poor Coordination

Wedding planners have to be organized and prompt. This is very vital when putting a wedding together. You must constantly communicate with the couple, family and vendors as well as making sure your team is ready to make the wedding a dream come true. "Make sure to check with the bride from time-to-time before the ceremony," Seyi Olusanya, CEO of Once Upon A Destination tells Pulse TV in Lagos. "This will enable you know the changes made on time… Your vendors have to be on point. Call repeatedly to make sure all is going as planned. If not, you might have a wedding with no cake or food arrives at the wrong time or there's a wrong menu etc." she added.

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3.) Cake Collapses:

Most wedding planners will tell you this is a complete nightmare as cutting of the cake is a vital part of the entire wedding. "I've had a situation where the cake collapsed minutes into the reception, it was a total nightmare," Ayrii shared. "That single incident could ruin the entire event."

4.) Over crowding:

This is a major problem with most Nigerian wedding. Too many people end up at a wedding when they were either not invited or the bride failed to specify just how big or small her wedding is expected to be. This could lead to shortage of food, drinks, souvenirs and is an automatic stress for planners. "Nigerian weddings get crazily wild some times. My husband calls it 'organized chaos'," Kate Diaz of Wedding Concepts, south Africa explained. However she says, "Naija weddings are my favorites."

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5.) Failing to identify the key influencer:

According to Seyi Olusanya, the key influencer is the main person to push the wedding forward. S/he has the final say to every decision concerning that wedding. This could be a family member and not really the couple. "A planner needs to know this person and work with s/he to move the event forward," she explained. "failing to identify this person could make your job difficult, especially with Nigerian weddings."